Obelisk Flag Stand

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Obelisk Flag Stand
Obelisk Flag Stand.jpg
Type PvP object
Campaign Core

An Obelisk Flag Stand is a PvP object found in some PvP maps. When a team claims the stand, the stand or objects in the area damage opposition team members in the area. There are two types of stand; one inflicts Obelisk Lightning on a single target, the other launches Fireballs. The Obelisk Flag Stand has a fixed position in a map. Usually there is only one on the map, equidistant from the flag spawn point for the teams.

A player can carry a flag from the spawn point to the stand, to capture it, at which point the stand begins to launch spells at opposing foes. Obelisk Lightning originates from the stand, while Fireball comes from statues situated around the map. This continues until the opposition captures the stand.



  • The lightning obelisks inflict Obelisk Lightning to a randomly selected single target. This happens once every 2.5 seconds and only affects foes within earshot of the obelisk.
  • Each statue around a fireball obelisk inflicts Fireball to a randomly selected single target. This happens once or twice every 3 seconds to foes that are in range of the statues, depending on the number of statues that the foe(s) is/are in range of.
    • When a team claims the fireball obelisk, it takes 5 seconds before the first Fireball is inflicted.
  • Not to be confused with Obelisk (PvE object).