Fireball (obelisk)

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Spell. Send out a ball of fire that strikes target foe and all adjacent foes for 80 fire damage.

Concise description

Spell. Projectile: deals 80 fire damage to target and adjacent foes.

Related skills[edit]


Anomaly Anomaly.The Fireballs' damage is treated as coming from the target they strike. This can interact strangely with certain skills; for instance, if a Fireball strikes a target enchanted with Reversal of Damage, that target will take no damage from the Fireball, but will deal himself the appropriate amount of damage from Reversal of Damage.
Bug Bug.Although the skill description says it deals 80 fire damage to target and adjacent foes, each statue around an Obelisk Flag Stand inflicts one Fireball, which deals 28 fire damage to a randomly selected single target, but not foes adjacent to the target. This happens once or twice every 3 seconds to foes that are in range of the statues, depending on the number of statues that the foe(s) is/are in range of.