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Mad King Thorn is a former king of Kryta who is well known for telling jokes and his insanity. Although it is unknown when he lived, when he was alive he was married to at least eight wives; the fifth, who was burned alive, is said to be his favorite. During Thorn's rule, he had "many squabbles over the years" with Palawa Joko, who was an "up-and-coming king in Elona" at the time. Thorn held exquisite banquets for his court despite a devastating famine in Kryta. He is also known to have skinned villagers alive at some point. He is known for having a hatred for Tengu, Harpies, and Ettins, and he is known to fear Termites. He also had a spat with Qwytzylkak at some point in the past… Read more.
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