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This is a guide to help players organize and achieve their Hall of Monuments goals.

Before even starting to read this guide you'll want to decide the amount of points you wish to achieve, this will help you pace yourself. Most people will decide on either 30 points, which will unlock every reward item, or 50 points, which will unlock all of the items as well as the bonus titles. Because the achievements span all three campaigns and Eye of the North, any campaign along with Eye of the North can earn 30 points, but all of the campaigns are required to reach 50 points. See below for the total points available with only one campaign. You can continue to add achievements to your Hall of Monuments even after the release of Guild Wars 2.

The Hall of Monuments is located in the Eye of the North expansion. There are 5 monuments in the Hall of Monuments that players can dedicate their achievements to. These achievements give the player points and these points unlock unique items and titles for their Guild Wars 2 account… Read more.
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