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Update The latest game update was on May 1, 2020
Update The latest game update was on May 1, 2020
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An animal companion or pet is a creature that fights alongside a ranger in combat zones. A player's pet appears in explorable areas when they have equipped any of the ranger skills Charm Animal, Comfort Animal (PvE), or Heal as One (PvE). Sometimes, a player using a pet makes it the main part of their strategy.

Like all creatures, pets gain experience, to a maximum level of 20. Their appearance is based on which species of charmable animal they are and their level, which determines their size.

Pets follow their owners and use standard melee attacks. Their AI behavior is similar to that of minions: they attack and move to the owner's target, but have difficulty changing target and are easily bodyblocked. However, like heroes, pets can be directed using the pet interface screen which allows the owner to order their pet to heel, to guard, or to lock target… Read more.
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