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Update The latest game update was on December 23, 2020
Update The latest game update was on December 23, 2020
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More than ten thousand years ago the Great Giants, or Giganticus lupicus according to those who study them, walked upon the land. What happened to them is long forgotten, though their bones still lay scattered around the continent from far into Charr territory all the way down to the Crystal Desert.

Several ages after they disappeared, a race of serpents was summoned to leave their land from across the Mists and walk upon Tyria. For a time, they were to become the custodians of the world as we know it, aiding other creatures in their journey to life while the gods shaped the world around them. Tyria flourished under the protection of these snakes that could walk and talk, but it would not be long before another race was born: humansRead more.
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