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Update The latest game update was on August 23, 2020
Update The latest game update was on August 23, 2020
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Once being the Crystal Sea, the Crystal Desert was created shortly before the Exodus of the Gods in 0 AE. It was formed alongside the Desolation, also formerly a part of the Crystal Sea, when the Five Gods defeated Abaddon. The Crystal Desert connects to the southern continent of Elona and had at one point been ruled by the Primeval Kings of the southern continent. In the past, there have been at least four groups of humans attempting to settle in the land: the Margonites, the Elonians, the Seekers, and Ascalonians.

Despite mostly being arid and dry, the Crystal Desert has a few oases and deepened valleys holding vegetation. It is also riddled with giant statues of an ancient civilization, ruins of the failed Crystal Desert Elonian colony, and large natural cliffs… Read more.
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