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Dhuum is the cruel and unjust god who used to rule the Underworld as the god of death; during his reign, he had a tower and throne situated in the place now known as the Chaos Planes and resurrections and the existence of the undead were not tolerated. He was eventually overthrown by Grenth, who took the position as the new god of death; however, Grenth did not have the power to slay Dhuum, so he imprisoned the latter within the Hall of Judgment behind enchanted doors and layers of divine magic. Though asleep, Dhuum's dark power increases every time a creature in the Underworld dies, strengthening him so he may eventually free himself.

Players encounter many followers of Dhuum, such as Riders of Dhuum and Emissaries of Dhuum, and Dhuum himself is fought in the Underworld, inside the Hall of Judgment… Read more.
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