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Update The latest game update was on August 30, 2021
Update The latest game update was on August 30, 2021
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A snare is a skill or tactic that slows or restricts enemy movement. Snares are useful as a melee counter, for countering kiting, or for preventing a player from attaining an objective in a particular PvP mode. For example, one might snare the flag runner in a GvG match, a monk rushing to heal a Guild Lord, or the relic runner in a Heroes' Ascent relic run.

A team can heavily restrict or sometimes entirely stop an enemy movement by using body blocking and using their own characters' bodies as a living wall. Spirits, pets, minions, and other NPCs, such as Footmen, can help bodyblock an enemy character.

The water attribute of the elementalist, the illusion attribute of the mesmer, and the deadly arts attribute of the assassin contain many useful movement speed reducing hexes. Hexes are somewhat more difficult to remove than conditions, easier to cover to prevent removal, and tend to have more dramatic effects than the cripple condition… Read more.
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