Nicholas Sandford

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Nicholas Sandford
Nicholas Sandford.jpg
Affiliation Tyrians
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies
Secret Garden Map.jpg
Nicholas Sandford location from Fort Ranik
Nicholas Sandford item locations.jpg
Locations of the collected items
Disambig icon.png This article is about the pre-searing NPC, Nicholas Sandford. For the older, post-Searing NPC, see Nicholas the Traveler.

Nicholas Sandford is a hunter who gives 1 Gift of the Huntsman in exchange for 5 trophies. The items he collects change daily at 07:00 UTC (11:00 PM Pacific Standard Time); as of 08:24, 6 December 2023 UTC, he is currently looking for Worn Belts.

Note: To ensure that the correct items Nicholas is collecting are displayed, if the UTC time shown above is not close to the UTC clock time at the top of the page, you can refresh/purge this page.

There is a limit of five gifts per account per day. This limit is reset daily when the collected item changes. Any gifts received by any character on the account reduces the gift limit of all characters on the account.



Initial dialogue[edit]

This varies based on what item he wants that day (listed in alphabetical order):

Baked Husk
Aside from the spiders, Mary's apple business is going strong. She's trying to keep up with the demand by planting more saplings, and she likes to fertilize each hole with 5 Baked Husks. Being such a perennial gentleman, I'm of course trying to gather everything she needs. I'll make sure Mary uses only dead worm husks though. You can ask Pitney what happens when you try to use entire live ones! Hah!
Charr Carving
Beautiful, isn't it? I can't imagine a world where I could no longer call this place home, so I'll do all I can to keep it that way. Unfortunately for both of us there's an endless sea of Charr crashing on the very walls that protect us. If you can prove that you're devoted to stopping them by bringing me 5 Charr Carvings, then I will reward you handsomely.
Dull Carapace
Hail friend, do you happen to have 5 Dull Carapaces on you today? I honestly don't know what the heck they could be used for, but I plan on trading mine to Rownan for some devourer eggs and a nice new hunting bow. I need to stock up for my next Kryta trip, and it helps to have extra food and hunting implements while traveling through the mountains.
Enchanted Lodestone
Did you know that the Enchanted Lodestones found around this area emit a subtle glow in the dark? Sometimes at night I place 5 of them around Yakkington (since that is his lucky number). Even though I barely notice the illumination, it really comforts him. Don't let him see you give me any though, because I'm sure he wants his fear of the dark kept a secret. I haven't had a chance to get any myself lately, so I'd greatly appreciate the help.
Gargoyle Skull
On my way back from my last expedition I was on the other side of the wall and ran into a bit of trouble against the Charr. Luckily I hopped on the back of my friend here and escaped just in time. I'll wager that, next time, if I tossed about 5 Gargoyle Skulls in front of them, then they might not mistake me for such an easy meal.
Grawl Necklace
You haven't happened to run across 5 Grawl Necklaces have you? I found one when I was traveling up north, and I thought it would be fun to wear around. Lo and behold, the next Grawl I came across had a look of fear in his eyes and took off running when he saw it. He came back with a friend to chase me, so presumable his fear had left him. Having witnessed this, I theorize that the Grawl will have to outnumber my necklaces before they attack. Sounds like a solid theory doesn't it? I think 5 should be enough to test it.
Icy Lodestone
You wouldn't happen to have 5 Icy Lodestones would you? I'll probably end up in the Crystal Desert on another expedition, and I know it can get mighty hot there during the day. I'm sure I can handle it, but I'm not so certain my trusty Dolyak companion here can make it without the right equipment.
Red Iris Flower
Sometimes Gwen comes by here with a crown or a necklace made of Red Iris Flowers for Yakkington. It's sweet, but the moment she leaves, he devours it like a cooked noodle. I honestly don't know where Gwen finds the time with her busy schedule of skipping, following strangers around, and asking questions non-stop, but she always has some flowers. Anyhow, she hasn't been by today, and the Professor here is hankering for his favorite snack. Do you think you could locate 5 Red Iris Flowers for me?
Skale Fin
Hey there, friend. I'm off to Cantha soon, so I'm glad you stopped by before I left! The last time I was there a chef spotted the Skale Fins sticking out of Yakkington's pack. He wanted to trade and his gold was good, but for some reason he'd only buy groups of 5. Maybe he was making soup? It sounded rather gross to be honest, but I try not to judge. I'm sure we Ascalonians seem a bit funny to outsiders too!
Skeletal Limb
Did I ever tell you about the time I lost Yakkington in the Catacombs? After an hour, I was quite worried. Finally I saw him charging out at full speed with a bone in his mouth and a one-armed skeleton chasing him! I don't quite know what led up to that event (nor do I really want to) but I do know that ever since that day, Yakkington loves a good game of fetch the bone. So how about you bring me 5 Skeletal Limbs in exchange for a gift?
Spider Leg
It's tragic! Mary works so hard on that orchard, and the spiders just keep bugging her. I'm afraid she'll get tired of it and leave. She might even stop visiting us! Then where would Yakkington get such delicious apples? I can't bear the thought of her leaving. Would you please help me? I think if I had 5 Spider Legs, then I could fashion a scarecrow. I mean, it would for spiders instead of crows, of course!
Unnatural Seed
Have you happened across 5 Unnatural Seeds in your travels, friend? I am often welcomed into the homes of farmers during my journeys, and I like to repay their generosity in kind. I have found that farmers have a particular fondness for these seeds, as they can turn into some very interesting crops. So what do you say, friend? Can you help me out?
Worn Belt
I think Yakkington has been eating way too much lately. On our way back from the Shiverpeaks he broke two of his straps. Two! He'd have you believe that the straps were already weakened, but it was imported Elonian Leather! You just can't get any better than that. I want more of that stuff, but for now I'll have to settle for a simple patch. Do you think you could round up 5 Worn Belts for me?


Yes I have some right here! (If you have at least 5.)
Ah, it appears you have <total number of the required item you have> of those. How many do you want to give me?
Yes You can have <maximum accepted amount> of them!
Thank you, <character name>. May our paths cross again soon! (You receive 1...5 Gifts of the Huntsman.)
Yes How about just 5 of them? (If you have 10 or more.)
Thank you, <character name>. May our paths cross again soon! (You receive 1 Gift of the Huntsman.)
No Let me get back to you on that!
Hmmm. I'm sorry, but it appears you don't have quite as many as I need. (If you have less than 5.)[verification requested]
No Let me get back to you on that!
No I'll let you know if I find any!

Ending dialogue[edit]

Once you have exchanged 25 of an item, he says:

Thank you, <character name>. May our paths cross again soon!


Bug Bug.On very rare occasions, Nick will offer zero to four gifts (rather than the usual five). Fortunately, the issue will resolve itself on subsequent days. There is no known way to prevent this from happening (since no one has been successful in replicating the issue).