Gift of the Huntsman

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Gift of the Huntsman
Gift of the Huntsman.png
Rarity Rare
Type Present
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Gift of the Huntsman.jpg

"These are a few of my favorite things." - Nicholas

— in-game description


Note: To ensure that the correct items Nicholas is collecting are displayed, if the UTC time shown above is not close to the UTC clock time at the top of the page, you can refresh/purge this page.


According to this wiki's drop rate research, the chance of getting any item on the list is roughly equal.


  • For ongoing research on the selection of required items, visit this page
  • Each account may only trade for up to 5 gifts per day.
  • Do not confuse Gifts of the Huntsman with Gifts of the Traveler; they have very similar icons.
  • On average, opening 5 gifts yields 10.7 points each towards the Sweet Tooth and Party Animal titles plus 14.3 points towards the Drunkard title.


List of consumables
Core Birthday Present.png Birthday Present Gift of the Traveler.png Gift of the Traveler Red Gift Bag.png Legion Loot Bag Black Pearl.png Reverie Gift Trick-or-Treat Bag.png Trick-or-Treat Bag Wintersday Gift.png Wintersday Gift

Zaishen Strongbox.png Champion's Zaishen StrongboxZaishen Strongbox.png Gladiator's Zaishen StrongboxZaishen Strongbox.png Hero's StrongboxZaishen Strongbox.png Strategist's Zaishen Strongbox
Decade Zaishen Chest.png Decade Zaishen Honor ChestDecade Zaishen Chest.png Decade Zaishen Tribute ChestDecade Zaishen Chest.png Decade Zaishen War Chest

Prophecies Ghoulish Grab Bag.png Ghoulish Grab Bag Gift of the Huntsman.png Gift of the Huntsman Lunar Fortune.png Lunar Fortune Royal Gift.png Royal Gift Wintersday Grab Bag.png Wintersday Grab Bag
Factions Dragon Festival Grab Bag.png Dragon Festival Grab Bag Factions Collector's Edition Prize.png Factions Collector's Edition Present Festival Prize.png Festival Prize Zaishen Strongbox.png Imperial Guard Lockbox Lunar Festival Grab Bag.png Lunar Festival Grab Bag Lunar Fortune.png Lunar Fortune Red Gift Bag.png Red Gift Bag
Nightfall Coffer of Whispers.png Coffer of Whispers Ghoulish Grab Bag.png Ghoulish Grab Bag Nightfall Collector's Edition Prize.png Nightfall Collector's Edition Present Wintersday Grab Bag.png Wintersday Grab Bag
Eye of the North Paper Wrapped Parcel.png Paper Wrapped Parcel Sack of Random Junk.png Sack of Random Junk‎