Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth
Eternal Sweet Tooth.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Character

Sweet Tooth is a prestige title earned by consuming sweets; these sugary items drop during special events, from certain gifts, and can be acquired from certain collectors.

Sweet Tooth title track[edit]

Tier Title Points
1 Sweet Tooth 1,000
2 Connoisseur of Confectionaries 10,000


You progress the title by consuming any of a variety sweets, almost all of which add 1 or 2 points. (Sweets always have some sort of bonus effect: typically a speed boost in towns and outposts and a variety of beneficial effects in explorable areas.)

There are two challenges to maximizing your rank in this title. The first is acquiring enough sweets; the drops and presents for special events favor alcohol and party items. The second is that some sweets cannot be used unless you (or members of your party) have a Death Penalty or less than a 10% Morale Boost. You can work around both of these challenges by spending a lot of money (Red Bean Cake from merchants in Factions is readily available and spammable) or time farming trophies for collectors (e.g. Galton Franks, Thecos Bellyshaker, Yajide, special event collectors).


  • All sweets can be spammed to progress the title unless they reduce Death Penalty or provide a Morale Boost.
  • Many sweets can be earned during special events without investing gold.
  • You can acquire sweets outside of events:
    • Red Bean Cakes are always available at 400Gold for two points. Using this method alone would require 200Platinum to reach tier 1 and 2000Platinum to reach the maximum rank.
    • You can trade other players for sweets for less than 200Gold/point (the sweet-cost of Red Bean Cake) — unless the specific sweet offers other desirable benefits.
    • You can farm War Supplies, which provide one point each.
      • Rise and Auspicious Beginnings offer 5 supplies/run and 1Platinum, yielding about 50 points/hour in War Supplies and enough gold for another 50 points in Red Bean Cakes.
      • The daily Wanted by the Shining Blade quests reward up to 255/supplies every three weeks, i.e. about 12 points/day.

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