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Empty inventory window.
Used inventory window.

The Inventory Bags window (F9) is a panel which displays all the items, armor, containers, gold, and platinum a character is currently carrying or using.

User interface[edit]

The panel toggles open or closed by pressing the default key "I" on your keyboard. It is is now resizable, and has an option to hide bags and condense all item slots together. This option is in the General settings.

The panel is divided into the top half for your equipment, and the bottom half for your backpack.

  • The top half displays all your equipped armor, as well as your character wearing it, and can be switched to display the same for your heroes.
  • The bottom half displays all your containers, as well as the contents of the selected one, and can be switched to display the contents of each.

Items can be dragged and dropped from one half into the other to equip or unequip them, and in the bottom half they can be dragged and dropped between slots and containers. Double-clicking equipment that is not currently equipped will also equip it. When not in a guild hall, outpost, town, or PvP area, tradeable items can be dragged and dropped on the ground.

The inventory is also the interface for trading or using account-wide storage.

Layout and usage[edit]

The screenshots to the right are examples of an empty and a full inventory panel. The numbered items below correspond with the numbers marked on the screenshot. Toggleable armor can be set to Always Show, Hide in Towns and Outposts, Hide in Combat Areas, or Always Hide. In PvP, the guild cape always shows and costumes always hide.

  1. Hero slots - Click these icons to switch (only) the equipment view to that of any hero currently in your party.
  2. Cape - Your guild cape. Toggleable.
  3. Helm - Your equipped headgear armor. Toggleable.
  4. Armor - Your equipped armor pieces.
  5. Weapons - Your equipped weapon and off-hand item.
  6. Costume - Your non-armor costume headpiece and costume body. Toggleable.
  7. Currency - The amount of gold and platinum you are currently carrying.
  8. Weapon sets - Click this icon to select how many weapon sets are displayed on your user interface.
  9. Item containers - The item containers that can be equipped on your character; click these icons to switch (only) the backpack view to that of any container currently equipped (from left to right: backpack, belt pouch, two bags, and one equipment pack). The icon is grayed out if you have not equipped the container; to equip a container, double-click or drag and drop it onto the grayed-out icon.
  10. Destroy item - Drag and drop an item onto this icon to destroy or delete it permanently. It can never be recovered, so you will be asked for confirmation whenever you try to delete an item.
  11. Inventory contents - The items, displayed in slots, in the currently selected item container.
  12. Character - The selected character or hero is shown here, wearing all the equipped armor if it is toggled on, and updated in realtime. Click and drag to rotate the display.
  13. PvP Equipment - Displayed only on PvP-only characters, these buttons allow you to save, load, and view PvP Equipment templates.


  • A character can expand their inventory by equipping more containers.
  • Your heroes share your inventory and all the items in it.
  • Although you cannot change a hero's armor, you can change their weapon and offhand in the inventory.
    • However, you cannot dye a hero's weapon while it's equipped.
  • Even if a 2-handed weapon is equipped, you can equip an offhand item (though it will have no effect); therefore, each hero also allows one extra slot to "store" offhand items.
  • Containers can be dyed.
  • Gold automatically converts to platinum whenever it reaches 1000. A character can hold no more than 100 platinum in their inventory.
  • Pressing F5, F6, F7 or F8 displays each individual container's contents, and the equipment above. Pressing F9 shows the whole inventory except the equipment (and equipment pack), character, and currency.
  • If your inventory is full and an NPC wants to give an item to you, instead your chat log displays an error message in blue: "{NPC} tries to hands you a {item}, but your inventory is full." The NPC's dialogue changes to "Your inventory is full. Please make room and speak to me again."

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