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Unclaimed Items is a user interface window that appears after your character has been automatically teleported (e.g. after successfully completing a mission, dungeon, or mini-mission quests); it contains any remaining item drops that were assigned to your character at the time of teleportation.


  • There is a limit of 12 items; any beyond that amount will be lost.[verification requested]
    • Any unclaimed gold will be lost.
    • It only covers unclaimed items from the original area (any items left over from later exploration will not appear in the window).
Similar to other inventory windows
Unlike other inventory windows
  • You cannot rearrange items or drag new items to the window.
  • You cannot double-click to equip weapons or to use consumables that are in it.
  • Clicking on it will not bring it to the forefront of the display (you have to close other interface windows).

Requirements and persistence[edit]


The window appears when any of these conditions are met:

  • Arriving at an outpost/town when there was a change in location due to game mechanics (sometimes a countdown timer will appear before this happens).
  • Resigning or map traveling from the explorable area you were automatically teleported into due to game mechanics, such as after completion of a dungeon.
  • In PvP while one or more Zaishen Strongboxes have been assigned to your character, when map traveling during a countdown timer that counts down to your character arriving at another PvP match after winning or an outpost/town when there is an upcoming change in location due to game mechanics. [verification requested]

The window will not appear if you exit the original area using any method other than the ones listed above, including:


Once it appears, it will continue to reappear after you map travel to other outposts even if you close the window. It will also reappear for the same character even after switching characters or logging out. It will disappear after doing any of the following:

  • Claiming all the contents.
  • Zoning to any explorable area, mission, or dungeon.
Bug Bug.The window will always be behind all other windows, and renders between the background and the text/buttons of the chat window.

User interface (edit)
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