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A consumable is any item that has a special effect when used. All consumables require the player to double-click the icon to activate. Regular consumables are stackable and disappear after one use; some have multiple uses and don't stack, such as kits. Some have unlimited uses, such as everlasting tonics.

Consumables that grant a buff don't stack if used twice. Consumables cannot be used in PvP.


Most consumables can be classified by effect:

Some miscellaneous consumables include those from Eye of the North crafters, which grant Morale Boosts, buffs to health, energy, and speed, and even resurrection.

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  • Identification Kits and Salvage Kits were the first consumables in the game.
  • The term "consumable" found use with the introduction of Consumable item crafters in Eye of the North.
    • For that reason, the player term "consumable set" (or "conset") refers to a trio of items offered by those NPCs, namely a Grail of Might, Essence of Celerity, and Armor of Salvation.
    • The term "food" predates Eye of the North and was often used when referring to consumables that provided a beneficial effect in PvE and/or in towns and outposts, but has since fallen out of use, especially since "food" could not be taken literally; while some "food" has a real-world, edible counterpart, others do not. Instead, they are nowadays referred to as pcons, short for Personal Consumables.