Salvage Kit

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Salvage Kit
Salvage Kit.png
Rarity Common
Type Kit
Value 20Gold
Stackable No
Uses 10

Uses remaining: <number>
Double-click to salvage common crafting materials from an item.

— in-game description

A Salvage Kit contains the tools needed to salvage common crafting materials from items that can be salvaged.


Campaign Item Amount Needed Kit Uses NPC Location Region
Kappa Hatchling Shell Kappa Hatchling Shell.png 3 10 Hai Lae Sunqua Vale Shing Jea Island
Mantid Pincer Mantid Pincer.png 3 10 Marik Kuri Sunqua Vale Shing Jea Island
Oni Talon Oni Talon.png 1 25 Hao Zhang Shing Jea Monastery Shing Jea Island
Vermin Hide Vermin Hide.png 3 25 Bae Kwon Wajjun Bazaar Kaineng City
Sentient Seed Sentient Seed.png 3 25 Sehyal Sunspear Great Hall Istan
Chunk of Drake Flesh Chunk of Drake Flesh.png 1 25 Sheltah Mehtani Keys Istan
Sentient Root Sentient Root.png 3 10 Adhitok Plains of Jarin Istan
Skeleton Bone Skeletal Limb.png 3 25 Danton Jokanur Diggings (outpost) Istan


"You can only salvage crafting materials with a lesser salvage kit. This will destroy the <item name>. Are you sure you want to do this?
Select Yes to salvage or No to abort the attempt."
  • If the item has already been identified and has an inherent modifier but does not contain an upgrade component, the item will be salvaged with no additional warning.
  • Regardless of the original number of uses, the cost per use of this kit is 4Gold.
  • The resale value of this kit decreases by 2Gold each time it is used.
  • Some Salvage Kits, most notably in pre-Searing Ascalon, Istan, and Shing Jea Island, begin with only 10 uses.

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