Superior Identification Kit

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Superior Identification Kit
Superior Identification Kit.png
Rarity Common
Type Kit
Value 250Gold
Stackable No
Uses 100
Item Generic.jpg

Uses remaining: [100...1]
Double-click to identify another item in your inventory. [sic]

— in-game description

Used to identify items, Superior Identification Kits are Identification Kits with 100 uses by default. A Superior Identification Kit is slightly less cost-effective than an Identification Kit; however, it requires fewer trips to the merchant and saves inventory slots.



  • The cost per use of this kit is 5Gold.
  • A Royal Gift will yield unidentified kits; however, if you identify the kit, its value can be in excess of 250Gold to resell to a merchant, which results in more profit for you if you sell them to a merchant once identified.

List of consumables
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