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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the continent of Tyria. For information on the world of Tyria, see Tyria (world).

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Tyria is the northernmost known continent of the world with the same name. It is the home of the former city of the Gods and the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. Tyria is home to many races, most noticeably the humans, Charr, Dwarves, Norn, and recently, the Asura.

Major Regions[edit]

Tyria and the surrounding islands are divided into several major regions

Regions in Guild Wars Prophecies
  • The Ruins of Ascalon: The remains of a once great kingdom lie in ruins here in the eastern area of the continent. This region is under perpetual military occupation by Charr warbands who have laid siege to its few remaining bastions of human civilization.
  • The Crystal Desert: Formerly a sea dotted with cays, small islands, and sandy beaches, it has since been transformed into a barren desert. The dying elder Forgotten race stand ever vigilant in fulfilling their sacred duties. Found in the northwestern region of the continent Elona, it is sandwiched between the Blazeridge Mountains, peninsula of Orr, and the Desolation.
  • The Krytan Kingdom: A lush and green area rich with fertile volcanic soil. Found in the central-western area of the continent, the kingdom and its people are currently the only human-settlement to prosper where all others have perished. Despite this, its countryside are besieged by an Undead plague; its people divided by whispers of civil war. Ascalonian refugees pouring in from the east have taken refuge here; while theocratic White Mantle paramilitaries continue to preach of their new gods.
  • The Maguuma Jungle: A dense jungle found in the western area of the continent. Centaurs roam its untamed wilds and timeless Druid spirits tend the prehistoric plant-life and coexist with all manner of dire-beasts; while Shining Blade insurgents take refuge within its labyrinth of old growths and devise ways to strike from its shadows.
  • The Ring of Fire Islands: An island chain found past the southwestern shores of the continent, and west of the peninsula of Orr. It was here that the Gods of Tyria plunged the giant bloodstones into the caldera of its largest volcano, Abaddon's Mouth.
  • The Shiverpeak Mountains: A giant mountain chain that acts as a divider running north to south, between Ascalon and Kryta, and connects to the Far Shiverpeaks. The Shiverpeak Mountains have three sub-regions, two being accessible in Prophecies: the Northern Shiverpeaks and the Southern Shiverpeaks. Both regions are in a warring state between the Stone Summit and Deldrimor Dwarves.
Regions in Guild Wars Eye of the North
  • The Charr Homelands: A deciduous verdant region in the northeastern part of the continent. Northern half of Ascalon region claimed by the Charr, rumors of unrest and civil strife have traveled beyond its borders.
  • The Depths of Tyria: Vast underground lakes, crystallized superstructures, superheated magma chambers, and near endless labyrinth of tunnels drilled though solid bedrock; all sporadically connect by an advance gateway network created by the Asura.
  • The Far Shiverpeaks: The northernmost sub-region of the Shiverpeak Mountain chain that acts as a divider running north to south, between Charr Homelands and Woodland Cascades, and connects to the Northern Shiverpeaks. It is the homeland of the Norn.
  • The Tarnished Coast: A tropical rainforest sub-region of the southern Maguuma Jungle, it is littered with abandoned ruins that are being renovated by the Asura, having been driven from the Depths of Tyria.
  • The Woodland Cascades: A forested area that lies north of Kryta and west of the Far Shiverpeaks, and includes the Verdant Cascades.
  • Unnamed regions:
    • Around Sparkfly Swamp: A moderately swampy area along the edge of Shiverpeaks Mountains and the Sea of Sorrows' coast.
Known inaccessible regions
  • The Blazeridge Mountains: A mountain chain that runs east of the nation of Ascalon and heads south towards the barren Crystal Desert.
  • Orr: The remnants of the peninsula of Orr. Arah, the holy city and capital of this once great kingdom, has been swallowed by the Sea of Sorrows during a cataclysmic event. Corsair sailors take refuge among the ruins along with what remains of the restless undead Orrians who haunt this once great nation.
  • Janthir: A desolate looking island in the sea north of Kryta.
Major bodies of water
  • The Giant's Basin: A combination of two large salt lakes on the northern edge of Kryta. The town of Demetra resides between them.
  • The Janthir Bay: A sea to the far north of the Maguuma Jungle and west of the Far Shiverpeaks. Little is known about this body of water, other than the Isles of Janthir that resides within it.
  • The Sea of Sorrows: The bay that lies south of Kryta, formerly called the Bay of Sirens until Orr fell.
  • The Strait of Malchor: The body of water that resides between the fallen kingdom of Orr and the Ring of Fire Island Chain.

Getting there[edit]

Getting to Tyria requires a valid Prophecies or Eye of the North access key to have been added to your account. Once added, you can either create a new Prophecies character via the character selection screen*, or take an existing character over by completing one of the following quests:

*Only if you have a Prophecies key.

From Cantha[edit]

From Elona[edit]

Once you have unlocked travel to the respective continents, you can map travel at anytime from any continent to Lion's Arch or Boreal Station.



  • Tyria, like the other continents in the world of Tyria, draws inspiration from the actual continent of Europe during medieval times, with areas like the Shiverpeaks, being reminiscent of the Scandinavian area. Europa, the Greek mythical figure after which the continent was named, was supposedly born in the Phoenician city of Tyre, sometimes called "Tyria".

See also[edit]

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