Burning Forest

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Burning Forest
Burning Forest picture1.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
Burning Forest map.jpg
Map of the Burning Forest
Burning Forest picture2.jpg
Some windmills in the Burning Forest.
Disambig icon.png This article is about the landmark in the Fissure of Woe. For the landmark of the same name in Sacnoth Valley, see Burning forest.

The Burning Forest is an immolated forest located in the north-eastern corner of the Fissure of Woe. There is a great fire in the center of the forest, as well as numerous lava-emitting spores. There is no green vegetation in this forest whatsoever. The forest is harvested by the Shadow army, followers of Menzies, for weapon materials. The Burning Forest can be accessed from the Tower of Strength or from the Great Battle Field.







Nightmares (Shadow Army)




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  • The creatures of the Burning Forest generally form mixed groups, so be careful when engaging seemingly isolated enemies.
  • The Enslaved Hero does not attract enemy attention and as such, it is not necessary to worry about his well-being.

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