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Riders are unnatural floating beings that can be found throughout Tyria and in the Fissure of Woe. The ancient power-mad mage known as Sybitha is said to have "unleashed" the Riders within the Crystal Desert, implying that the Riders may originate from the Mists. Erudine has been conducting experiments on them ever since they appeared after the Searing. They seem to be attracted to locations of magic, as they can be found in locations which have either suffered from magical events, have bloodstones, or show magical qualities.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Ascalon Mesmer 7 (23) Storm Rider Stormy Eye
Maguuma Jungle Mesmer 12 (24), 17 (25) Wind Rider Ancient Eye
Crystal Desert Mesmer 20 (26) Storm Kin Shriveled Eye
Ring of Fire Islands Mesmer 24 (26) Breeze Keeper Molten Eye
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Tarnished Coast Mesmer 20 (26) Wind Rider
The Mists (Fissure of Woe) Monk 24 (26) Smoke Walker Umbral Eye


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  • "Rider" is an unofficial term. Due to Telius calling the Storm Kin "Storm Riders" it may be that the race's name is "Storm Rider." Though NPCs in Guild Wars 2 call them collectively as "Wind Riders".