Maguuma Jungle

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Maguuma Jungle
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Continent Tyria
Town Henge of Denravi
Neighbor(s) Kryta
Campaign Prophecies
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Interactive Map of Maguuma Jungle
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Maguuma Jungle signpost.

Years ago, many tribes of human druids lived among the Maguuma's lush greenery and wildlife. But it has been a long time since anyone has heard word from them, and many believe that they were eaten by hostile jungle creatures or simply swallowed whole by the man-eating plants now rampant in the jungle.

The higher elevations are mostly devoid of water. Only the largest and hardiest of plants can live here. But down farther, closer to the water table, the Maguuma grows thick. The vegetation can become so dense that there are areas of the jungle floor that have never been touched by the sun's light.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

The Maguuma Jungle is a deep canyon subdivided into three regions. The lowest point of the canyon is lush and humid with abundant vegetation, while the higher elevations become drier and more arid with its highest point being devoid of most plant life.

The Jungle is the home of one of the five bloodstones and contains enchanted waters. Due to its overgrown nature, some view it to be like a maze and get lost or turned around within the foliage and its many paths. Despite being called a jungle, the higher elevated portions of the area are very arid and almost desert-like. Those portions tend to be riddled with canyons and crevices creating off oases where the water settles. The southern portion of the Maguuma Jungle is the Tarnished Coast.

It is the home of Centaurs, Trolls, Riders, the Druids, and a large variety of insects and living plants. Among the jungle, even in the arid portions, thrives the gargantuan stonewood trees. Palm trees with short stems and large leaves and bamboo are common in the oasis areas.

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  • Hall of Heroes
  • The Rift



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