Realm of Torment

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Realm of Torment
Nightfall screenshot 17.jpg
Town Gate of Torment
Neighbor(s) The Desolation
Campaign Nightfall
"Nightmare Hub" concept art.jpg
Loading screen
Realm of Torment map.jpg
A labeled map of the Realm of Torment
Realm of Torment zones.jpg
A clean map of all Realm of Torment zones
Realm of Torment signpost.jpg
Realm of Torment signpost.

The Realm of Torment, also called the Nightmare Realm, lies in the Mists and is connected to the Underworld via the Bone Pits. It has become a place where individuals of twisted evil or corruption are banished to spend eternity in torment (hence the name). The various areas that make up the Realm of Torment are filled with aspects of the darker side of reality. The realm has been cut off from mortal access until Nightfall.

The Realm of Torment is where the fallen god Abaddon was imprisoned by the Five Gods of Tyria to avoid spreading his influence across the world. Imprisoned with him are his worshipers including the Margonites, former humans turned into demons by Abaddon, and demons of torment. As punishment for their evil deeds and corruption by Abaddon, the Lich Lord and Shiro Tagachi were also sent here.

Though originally meant as a prison for Abaddon and other corrupted souls, the Realm has become overrun by the god's influence. Though he remains trapped at its heart, his minions have overwhelmed the Forgotten wardens. As his madness and touch became more potent, souls of the innocent were also sent to this realm to prevent his power from spreading throughout the Mists. As Abaddon works towards Nightfall, the Realm of Torment and the world of the living draw ever closer until parts of the two begin to intermingle as the fabric of reality weakens.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts:


Challenge missions:

Elite missions:

Explorable areas[edit]



  • Descent into Madness
  • Tortured Souls
  • Web of Terror
  • [untitled] (a short intro theme at the start of Abaddon's Gate)
  • [untitled] (a shorter, climatic theme, also at the start of Abaddon's Gate)
  • Cries of Elona (only in Abaddon's Gate)
  • [untitled] (a third untitled soundtrack; only in Abaddon's Gate)
  • Land of the Golden Sun (only in Throne of Secrets)
  • Eye of the Storm (only in Throne of Secrets)
  • Gwen's Theme (only in Throne of Secrets)
  • Ashford Abbey (only in Throne of Secrets)
  • Temple of Tolerance (only in Throne of Secrets)



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  • The Realm of Torment is not located on any continent, and as such, it does not contribute to the Elonian Cartographer and Vanquisher titles. Fully clearing zones also doesn't provide the standard Vanquisher reward of experience, gold, and Lightbringer promotion points.
  • Unlike Elona, Resurrection Shrines in the Realm of Torment do not have statues that provide blessings.


  • Large magical obelisks adorn three of the outposts located within the Realm of Torment. The symbols scrolling on them are only artwork, and are unable to be translated.
  • Large sleeping spiders (that cannot be attacked and only appear to be scenery) appear in all explorable areas (except the ones past the Gate of Secrets) and seem to get larger the further one gets within the Realm of Torment with the one in the Domain of Fear being part of the sky art.

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