Gate of Pain

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see Domain of Pain.
Gate of Pain
Gate of Pain map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Required hero Dunkoro
Duration Medium
Preceded by Uncharted Territory
Followed by Kormir's Crusade

There are many souls unjustly trapped in the Realm of Torment and they are used as a power source for Abaddon. The souls must be freed to weaken Abaddon for the fight to come.

Mission information[edit]



Find a way to release the tortured souls from the River of Souls.

  • ADDED: Destroy the Emissary of Dhuum.
  • ADDED: Kill Tortureweb Dryders to free the souls they captured from the River of Souls.
  • *Bonus* Kill the additional elite emissaries.
  • [0...3] of 3 elite emissaries destroyed.


Normal mode Emissaries killed Rewards
Standard 0 - 1 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 40 Lightbringer points
Expert's 2 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 40 Lightbringer points
Master's 3 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 40 Lightbringer points
Hard mode Emissaries killed Rewards
Standard 0 - 1 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 100 Lightbringer points
Expert's 2 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 100 Lightbringer points
Master's 3 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 100 Lightbringer points


During this mission you are constantly affected by Dreadful Pain. Keep to the left in the Leech Tunnels until you reach the River of Souls. You will encounter Torment groups and Terrorweb Dryders with Meteor Shower. Note that Terrorwebs are creatures from the Underworld so Lightbringer title skills do not work on them.

After the tunnels, cross the river using the bridge to the right. Kill the six Tortureweb Dryder bosses on the other side. These creatures are "fishing" the (ten) Lost Souls players must free to complete the mission. The now freed spirits are invulnerable and will run to a safe spot before they are counted for the objectives; you do not need to follow them.


You must kill the elite Emissaries of Dhuum and their three Terrorweb escorts to get credit for the bonus.

  1. The first one is located before crossing the River of Souls. The group is behind a wall, but can be killed by ranged damage, including projectiles.
  2. The second one is inside the center Fort. There is no need to kill the other foes. Stand/flag away over the stairs and send one character to pull.
  3. The third and last is on the opposite side of the map from the first Emissary. There is no "visible" bridge over the stream of souls but you can still cross it.

While performing the bonus, leave a Tortureweb alive until you have killed all the "Elite" Emissaries first. Otherwise the 10th spirit approaching the safe spot can trigger the end cinematic before you kill all three Emissaries. Contrary to the quest objective, the Emissary near the first Tortureweb does not have to be killed, although it may be tricky to avoid aggro.

Skill recommendations[edit]







Demons (Torment creatures)




Opening cinematic[edit]

<Party leader>: "You seem troubled, Dunkoro. What's the matter?"
Dunkoro: "We should not proceed. This place is madness."
Dunkoro: "Let us retreat to our own world, and prepare defenses there."
Kormir: "Would you abandon those trapped here, Dunkoro?"
Dunkoro: "I would if it would save the rest of us."
Dunkoro's Son: "Father, would you sacrifice me as well?"
Dunkoro: "Son?... Is that you?"
Dunkoro's Son: "It is, Father. Help us now."
Dunkoro: "You were a good man. Why are you here?"
Dunkoro's Son: "The power of Abaddon taints even those who oppose it."
Kormir: "Such is all our fates, unless Abaddon is defeated."
<Party leader>: "Then there is no running away from this."
Dunkoro: "No. No. We must press on. We must destroy Abaddon. We must save my son."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Dunkoro: There must be a way to save the souls of all those trapped here.
Kormir: The River of Souls has been blocked by Abaddon's minions. If we remove the blockade, the souls will be freed.
Dunkoro: We must destroy the blockade, then. I will not leave my son to Abaddon!

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

After leaving the Leech Tunnels.

Dunkoro: Look at that abomination! It must have something to do with this madness. Come, let's get closer, we might be able to discover something useful.

When reaching the bridge crossing the River of Souls.

Undead Lich: Where are the souls you promised to Abaddon?
Emissary of Dhuum: My torturewebs are collecting them from the river now. Their work is slow, and they do not hurry for anyone, let alone you.
Undead Lich: Abaddon will not be pleased by your lack of progress. When I return, you will give me the souls I require or you will face Abaddon's wrath.
Emissary of Dhuum: Save your threats. The soulweir's power is tied to the torturewebs. Without the torturewebs, you have nothing, and they only respond to my commands.
Dunkoro: The torturewebs are collecting souls from the river? We must find the torturewebs and destroy them!
Undead Lich: Intruders! You stay and protect the soulweir, I must finish the preparations. Do not fail Abaddon!
Kormir: Any souls we free from the torturewebs will help us destroy the soulweir. Quickly! Find the torturewebs and eliminate them!

Ending cinematic[edit]

Dunkoro's Son: "Thank you, Father. We shall meet again, in the Mists."
<Party leader>: "Dunkoro? Are you all right?"
Dunkoro: "Yes. Yes. I suppose I owe you an explanation."
Dunkoro: "Years ago, I sent my son to the Crystal Desert."
Dunkoro: "There were reports of strange things in the Tombs of the Primeval Kings. Tentacles bursting through the stone."
Kormir: "Abaddon."
Dunkoro: "Yes. My son was reported missing and presumed dead. I blamed myself, for sending him off without enough forethought."
<Party leader>: "Which is why you always want to have a plan..."
Dunkoro: "I never knew what happened to him, until now."
Kormir: "But you have freed him, and the other innocents trapped here by Abaddon's touch."
<Party leader>: "What about you, Kormir? Are you an innocent as well?"
Dunkoro: "What? Kormir is the most honorable of the Sunspears."
Kormir: "No. You are right. I am far from innocent, and my crimes are the greatest of all."
Kormir: "It was I that found the inscriptions in Istan, and I that awakened the Apocrypha of Abaddon."
Dunkoro: "It is not your fault, Kormir, how could you have known?"
Kormir: "Tales of the forbidden ruins are part of our history. My curiosity and concern made me ignore those warnings."
<Party leader>: "Even though you knew it to be an evil place, you explored the ruins."
Kormir: "I did, and worse. I read the words of the Apocrypha. I felt his spirit. I was drawn into his web."
Kormir: "Now my body withers, and my spirit walks in Torment. That is why I serve as your guide."
<Party leader>: "Where is Abaddon?"
Kormir: "He abides at the heart of his Realm. He is still chained, but his power grows, and the walls around him grow weak."
Kormir: "I fear that without the aid of the Five Gods themselves, we cannot hope to contain him."
<Party leader>: "Then with the help of the Five Gods, we will."


Anomaly Anomaly.Dunkoro might show up twice during the ending cinematic.
  • Kormir will follow the party leader. She never attacks and rarely uses any skills apart from "Incoming!". Foes cannot target her directly but she gets harmed by area of effect skills.
  • The Terrorweb Dryders belong to the Underworld army. Thus, in this mission, it is possible to get inscribable Underworld-related drops.
  • If a Lost Soul appears to be stuck behind an invisible obstacle, run out of their compass range. This allows the Lost Soul to continue its path. Sometimes, even moving out of compass range will not fix the problem and you will have to restart the mission.
  • If you are going after the bonus:
    • It may be wiser to go around the west of the shrine to kill the last Emissary, since the Tortureweb in the map above is often further east than depicted.
    • The Emissaries are tied to the Terrorwebs that accompany them - the bonus goal will not have its text updated until the Emissary and the related Terrorwebs are killed.

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