Remains of Sahlahja

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost.
Remains of Sahlahja
Remains of Sahlahja map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region The Desolation
Type Challenge
Party size 1
Duration Medium

Remains of Sahlahja is a solo Challenge mission. The goal is to kill as many enemies as possible before you die. Although there is no time limit, you are hindered by a constant pip of Health degeneration from the Corrupted Lands effect and (usually) an invincible foe.

Mission information[edit]


Start from Lost Soul [Challenge Mission Starter] located in Remains of Sahlahja.

Evade angry ghosts and cleanse the tombs by killing the insects that have infested the area.

  • Evade the ghosts of the primeval kings.
  • Kill infestations to earn points.
  • Kill greater infestations to earn points and gain the temporary ability to harm ghosts.
  • Destroy lost souls to free their spirits and earn points.
  • Earn 15 points to unlock access to each section of the tombs.


Scoring in this mission rewards experience and gold base on the formulas below. Values are rounded down. An additional bonus is given for achieving daily best, monthly best, or quarterly best.

Reward Amount Daily Best Monthly Best Quarterly Best
Experience (1000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score)
Gold (500 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +500 +1000 +2000

For every Maddened Spirit that you kill, you have a chance of acquiring an Ancient Armor Remnant (each of these allows you to upgrade the visual appearance of hero armor; you can add statues of heroes with upgraded armor to the Hall of Monuments).


During the mission, you will suffer from Corrupted Lands, which causes a constant Health degeneration of 1 pip. This can be hard to mitigate because your ability to heal is limited by spending most of the mission riding a Junundu. There are 5 different areas in this challenge. You start out in the center and have 4 locked doors to the other areas at the beginning. For every 15 points you earn you unlock a new section. You earn points by defeating various enemies during the mission

The 4 types of enemies are:

The Maddened Spirits deal 700 damage and are invincible unless you are enchanted with Spirit Form, which lasts for a short period after killing a Greater Infestation while within a Junundu. You get the most points for defeating Lost Souls, which spawn at random locations on the map.


The Paragon skill, "Can't Touch This!", will protect you from the Maddened Spirit's Maddened Strike (but you can only kill a Maddened Spirit while inside a wurm — and you can enter a wurm while being attacked by Maddened Spirit, unlike with any other creature).

The best method to get Armor Remnants is to camp near a Greater Infestation and keep it near death as you kill Infestations. Keep an eye on your radar and watch for a moving red dot, then as the Maddened Spirit gets near you kill the Greater Infestation. You should then be able to kill the spirit and move on to camp the next Greater Infestation.

The best method for gaining points is seeking and killing Lost Souls. Kill the first few Maddened Spirits until you have unlocked two areas. Then, start running in your wurm through the areas. There are three spawn points in the northwestern corner (one on rocky ground), three in the northeastern corner, one in the southeastern corner (on rocky ground) and two in the southwestern corner. When you start running, go through each area methodically, scanning for lost souls. Do not fight the Spirits. Let them chase you and use your tunnel skill to keep ahead of them. When you find a lost soul, make sure you have some space between you and the spirits before you kill it. Then, tunnel quickly away. This will take a while, but done effectively you can rack up many points.

For souls on rocky ground, have at least 2 aggro circles' distance between you and the spirits before having the wurm spit you out. You will need a running skill (perhaps two) and enough damage to kill the soul quickly.

To heal you can either build up your adrenaline and use Junundu Smash to KD a mob then use Junundu Bite (given that the first attack doesn't kill your target) to heal for 500 hp. You can also use Junundu Tunnel then use Junundu Bite to knock down and heal for 500 hp. You can also use Junundu Wail to heal for 500 hp if there are no enemies near you. The best way to heal is to exit your wurm and get a new wurm, but you are very vulnerable while doing this so make sure you have at least two aggro circles' distance between you and the spirits before you try this.

To offset the effects of health degeneration you can use Bowl of Skalefin Soup or War Supplies, which will cancel the effects of the health degeneration and allow the Junundu's natural regeneration to take over.

You may want to equip a few speed stances, because Lost Souls may spawn on rocky terrain where your wurm cannot go to. In these cases you'll have to build sufficient distance between you and the Maddened Spirits to get out your wurm without being caught. Once you are out of the wurm use your speed boosts to stay ahead of the Spirits and run to the nearest wurm spoor after killing the Lost Soul.






  • During this mission you will be under the effects of Corrupted Lands.
  • As with most other challenge missions, foes do not drop loot.
  • The Dynastic Tombs, in which this mission takes place, contributes approximately 1.87% towards the Elonian Cartographer title.
    • The section at the start contributes about 0.5%.
    • After unlocking a single gate, you can uncover just under 0.4% more.
  • You can indefinitely avoid the maddened spirits (while still killing infestations) by using a combination of consumables: a speed boost (e.g. using rock candy or Cupcakes) and a health regeneration buff (e.g. Bowl of Skalefin Soup or War Supplies).
  • A video guide for the mission can be found here.


  • This mission was inspired by Pac-Man.
  • At one time, armor remnants dropped from the Lost Souls.

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