Jokanur Diggings

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see Fahranur, The First City.
Jokanur Diggings
Jokanur Diggings map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Istan
Type Cooperative
Party size 4
Required hero Melonni
Duration Short
Preceded by Signs and Portents
Followed by Isle of the Dead
Rising Suns

Investigate the ruins of Fahranur, The First City with Kormir to find what is killing the workers.

Mission information[edit]



Travel to the ancient Istani ruins.


The rewards are based on how many Sunspear Ghosts (including Kahdash) were killed during the mission.

Normal mode Sunspear Ghosts that died Rewards
Standard 2 - 3 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 5 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 1 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 5 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 0 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 5 Sunspear promotion points
Hard mode Sunspear Ghosts that died Rewards
Standard 2 - 3 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 50 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 1 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 50 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 0 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 50 Sunspear promotion points


Digger dead of unnatural causes.

Make your way west to the ruins of Fahranur, The First City. The building has two crushing devices which can be detected by the noises and marks on the ground. Avoid death by walking under them when the weight is lifting - you have 13 seconds to do so. There are also traps that fire Madness Darts (first section) and Burning (second section) at the party.

Beyond the first crusher awaits Darehk the Quick, who is carrying a tablet. Kill him, retrieve the tablet and place it on the stone pedestal to enter the next area. Your party gains a morale boost each time a gate is opened. The undead will resurrect after a while, so do not stay in any one area too long.

The second area has two tablets which have to be placed on the pedestals together, as the Sunspear Ghosts will attempt to take them back.

  • Single players have to leave the first tablet on the ground (drop it near, but not on the pedestal) somewhere near the third gate and head east to pick up the second tablet, place it, and then re-take the one that was left on the floor on the second pedastal.
  • Groups with more than one player can assign two out of the three to carry the tablets, preferably caster professions.

Be careful of the fire and cripple causing flame jets, especially with Kormir as she can die if standing next to one, failing the mission.

In the third area, another ghost named Kahdash will be holding a tablet. But this time he will carry it to the pedestal for you, asking for protection from the undead. If Kahdash dies, he will respawn at his original location and begin again.

Finally at the sealed chamber, kill the Skeletons as you head down towards the Apocrypha, the final boss. The Apocrypha changes professions periodically between Mesmer, Dervish and Paragon by activating Reform Carvings.


To gain the bonus, players have to complete the sequence in section two without harming the Sunspear Ghosts. By "not harming", the game means not killing them. (These NPCs can still sustain small amounts of damage, e.g. from Kormir's spear attacks.) Since Kormir will follow your party leader, pulling her away prevents her killing the ghosts. Abstain from summoning mindless allies (e.g. minions, spirits, NPCs from summoning stones, etc.) when nearby the Sunspear Ghosts. Also be careful when target calling, since henchmen and heroes can easily spike the ghosts - set heroes to Avoid Combat mode and disable aggressive skills when in the second room. Whilst the fire jets can harm other enemies, the ghosts are invulnerable to them. To get the Master's Reward, you must also prevent Kahdash from being killed.

Hard mode[edit]

The hazards in this mission will pressure the party healer. Luckily the required hero is Melonni and dervishes can perform roles other than just damage. (There is nothing to stop you from bringing more than one healer.)

It is unlikely that the players running tablets will be able to evade the undead without support due to tougher and more dogged opponents.

The undead's corpses do not disappear, and they resurrect after 2 and a half minutes. If more time is needed in an area with undead, consider killing them in a remote location so that when they resurrect you will be out of aggro.

Skill recommendations[edit]

  • Holy damage skills to easily fight the undead.
  • Hex removal.
  • In Hard mode, the undead use Tainted Flesh, bring appropriate counters.



Humans (Order of the Sunspears)

Ghosts (Order of the Sunspears)





Skeletons (Undead)

Boss-like foes[edit]


Interactive objects[edit]


Opening cinematic[edit]

Melonni: "This looks bad."
<Party leader>: "It's just some old inscriptions."
Melonni: "I hate not knowing what they say."
Kormir: "These come from earlier times, from before the Scarab Plague. A scholar could decipher them."
Melonni: "I don't know any scholars that would want to come out here."
Kormir: "You would be surprised."

Melonni: "What's that?"
Kormir: "It's one of the excavation workers."
<Party leader>: "Yes, but look at him."
Melonni: "I would like to change my opinion to: "This looks very bad." "

Initial dialogue[edit]

Kormir: "The diggers were excavating the ruins west of here. That is where we must go."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Melonni: "I have never seen anything quite like these markings. What did this to the diggers?"
Kormir: "I cannot say, but I am certain we will find their killer in the ruins. We will find it, and we will destroy it."

Kormir: "I am Spearmarshal Kormir. We seek access to the inner chambers."
Ghostly Sunspear Commander: "Your name means nothing to me. I'll warn you as I've warned the others: Death stalks these dusty halls. You must not enter!"
Kormir: "The centuries have addled your senses, phantom. We are Sunspears. We shall pass with or without your permission!"

Darehk the Quick: "The chamber is sealed. I will not allow you entry."
Kormir: "If you will not give us the key willingly, we will be forced to take it from you."

Kormir: "This next chamber will also be sealed. We'll need two tablets to open it."
Melonni: "Kormir, how do you know so much about this place?"
Kormir: "A Spearmarshal's duties do not end on the battlefield. Come, we must find the stone tablets."

Kormir: "Excellent work! We must continue. The third trial awaits."

Kormir: "We are here to destroy what lies within the inner chamber. Stand aside, specter."
Kahdash: "The inner chamber is sealed with good reason. Others have come before you, but the evil of the Apocrypha remains."
Melonni: "If you truly oppose this 'Apocrypha' you will help us destroy it. Please. Our enemies are the same. Let us work together."
Kahdash: "Your words ring true. Very well, I shall help you. I will place this tablet back on the pedestal, but I need your protection to succeed."

Melonni: "Thank you, Kahdash. I promise that we will not rest until the evil is driven from this place."
Kormir: "Well said, Melonni. Onward, friends! For the glory of the Sunspears!"

Kormir: "Whatever that abomination is, we will defeat it! Sunspears, forward!"

End cinematic[edit]

Varesh: "Report, General Morgahn.
General Morgahn: "You were correct, Warmarshal. The Sunspears have been recruiting and training new leaders."
Varesh: "We will need to increase our own forces as well."
General Morgahn: "With respect, Varesh, the Sunspears serve all the Elonian Provinces."
Varesh: "If they serve all of Elona, why are their headquarters here, in Istan, instead of Kourna?"
General Morgahn: "Your father taught me to trust the Sunspears."
Varesh: "My father taught me to do what is necessary to protect my land."
General Kahyet: "Varesh."
Varesh: "General Kahyet! You are dismissed, Morgahn."
General Morgahn: "We are not done yet, Warmarshal."
Varesh: "Prepare for our return to Kourna. I shall join you shortly."
General Kahyet: "He is a loyal old fool."
Varesh: "What news, Kahyet?"
General Kahyet: "The Aprocrypha has been destroyed by the Sunpears."
General Kahyet: "But not before I gained what we needed from it."
Varesh: "Praise Abaddon."
General Kahyet: "Praise Abaddon!"
General Kahyet: "Prepare the way. You lead. I shall follow. Nightfall comes."
Varesh: "Yes, my teacher. Nightfall comes."


  • Dying from being crushed by the falling crushers does not cause Death Penalty or count as a death against the Survivor title track.
  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.
  • Even though General Morgahn only appears during a cinematic, if there are General Morgahn heroes in your party, they all will be renamed as "Kournan Paragon".
  • If the respawning undead are killed on one of the flame jets, they will continuously spawn and die to the jets as long as you stay away from them.
  • Completion of this mission will fill in page #12 of the Young Heroes of Tyria storybook.
Bug Bug.If the player activates the Trial of Perseverance then runs back and stays in the area of the Trial of Fire, Kahdash will finish placing the Stone Tablet on the pedestal but will die immediately after the cinematic. This counts as a Sunspear Ghost death towards the bonus objective.


  • At some point during alpha testing, this mission was known as Monolith.

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