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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Nightfall.

Varesh Ossa
Varesh Ossa.jpg
Affiliations Kournan military


Types Human
Professions Dervish Dervish
Paragon Paragon
Level(s) 20, 29 (32), 30 (32)
Campaign Nightfall
Prophet Varesh.jpg
Prophet Varesh
Commander Varesh.jpg
Commander Varesh

Centuries ago, Turai Ossa saved the nation of Elona by defeating the undead lord Palawa Joko. In gratitude, the populace praised him as the warmarshal of Kourna... and the nation accepted him as their king. Since that time, all of Kourna’s warmarshals have been direct descendants of Turai. Varesh Ossa is the latest inheritor of that legacy—and like her ancestor, she has a vision for the future of the nation.

Varesh Ossa is a brilliant commander, a loyal Kournan who instills loyalty and dedication in her troops. Like her ancestor Turai, she has also shown an interest in more spiritual concerns. Elonians see much of Turai’s greatness in Varesh. By using political acumen, her charismatic presence, and the influence of her family legacy, Varesh has rallied the Kournan army, inspiring them as Turai Ossa did long ago. Some loyal Elonians hope that she can unify the nation again, restoring it to the greatness of its past. Others fervently hope that she does not share his madness. History will see how well Varesh succeeds on her own spiritual quest.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

Warmarshal Varesh Ossa was the current leader of Kourna and its military. She was trained by Generals Morgahn and Kahyet in military and religious aspects, respectively. In 1075 AE, she, Morgahn, and Kahyet traveled to Istan as delegates. During their time there, Varesh and Kahyet send Kournans to Fahranur to recover a scroll from the Apocrypha before its destruction at the hands of the Order of the Sunspears. Soon it is revealed that Kahyet and Varesh were working with demons to bring about an ancient prophecy and release the fallen god Abaddon from his prison, which she goes about by performing rituals in Gandara, the Moon Fortress, the Sebelkeh Basilica, and the Mouth of Torment. As she goes about this, she is slowly changed by Abaddon's power and eventually becomes a Margonite. She is antagonized by the Order of the Sunspears throughout, and finally killed before finishing her last ritual in the Mouth of Torment. However, she managed to weaken the barrier of The Mists enough to open a giant Vortex which allows the Realm of Torment to start seeping into the human world.




As Prophet Varesh
As Commander Varesh


"I am the Warmarshal of Kourna and I don't take kindly to being disturbed without reason. I don't have time for your foolish problems right now."


Battle quotes[edit]

As Prophet Varesh
You cannot stop this! You can only die to celebrate Abaddon!
Abaddon will now allow me to be defeated!
As Commander Varesh
The gate to Abaddon's prison is nearly opened!
Welcome to your end.
You will not live to see the sun rise. If it ever rises again.
Your arrogance has doomed you!
Taste the wrath of Abaddon's army!

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings at level 29
Blunt damage 97 Piercing damage 97 Slashing damage 97
Cold damage 97 Earth damage 97 Fire damage 97 Lightning damage 97

Armor ratings at level 30
Blunt damage 110 Piercing damage 110 Slashing damage 110
Cold damage 110 Earth damage 110 Fire damage 110 Lightning damage 110

Items dropped[edit]



  • You can obtain a miniature of Varesh in the collector's pack of Nightfall.
  • As the game progresses, her hair recedes and shows the growth of eye-like ridges under her forehead's skin, similar to Margonite's extra eyes, and her eyes turn purple. Her first appearance in this form is in the Pledge of the Merchant Princes cinematic.
  • Although she still appears mostly human as Prophet Varesh, the game marks her as a Margonite.


  • The name Varesh is Sanskrit for "superior deity".
  • The voice actor for this character is Simbi Khali Williams.

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