Fahranur, The First City

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an explorable area. This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest. For the mission, see Jokanur Diggings.
Fahranur, The First City
Nightfall screenshot 3.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Istan
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Blacktide Den
Jokanur Diggings
Fahranur, The First City map.jpg
Interactive map
Non-interactive maps

The ruins of Fahranur, The First City depict a scene of tragedy. The first civilization on the island of Istan was brought low by the mysterious appearance of the Scarab Plague. The horrible plague killed many inhabitants and drove the rest away. Little now remains of the place to tell of the lost grandeur. The Nightfall event begins with the stirring of a dormant evil deep within the ruins.

Getting there[edit]

Even though the area outside the ruins is freely accessible, the ruins themselves are not accessible for Nightfall characters until after completion of the Jokanur Diggings mission.

There are no primary quests that take place here but several secondary quests do, including the first two of Scholar Chago's quest chain (starting with A Perplexing Plague) and Defender's Choice.


Resurrection shrines with bounties

1 In normal mode, only for characters below level 16 and Sunspear rank below 6.
2 In normal mode, only for characters below level 20 or Sunspear rank below 6.

Resurrection shrines with a statue
  • Avatar of Dwayna
    • Along a corridor at the southeastern corner of the ruined city.
    • Northeast, at the exit into Jokanur Diggings.
  • Champion of Balthazar
    • By a flight of stairs in the northeastern portion of the ruined city.
    • East, halfway between Jokanur Diggings and Blacktide Den.
  • Lyssa's Muse
    • Near southwestern corner of the ruined city.
  • Melandru's Watcher
    • Near northeastern corner of the ruined city.
    • Southeast, at the exit into Blacktide Den.
  • Voice of Grenth
    • Near northwestern corner of the ruined city.
    • South, before entering the ruined city.

Quest influences[edit]

Festival quest influences[edit]




Other allies[edit]

Charmable animals[edit]




Elementals (Djinn)





Skeletons (Undead)


Elemental (Djinn)



Skeleton (Undead)


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Fahranur, the First City.
  • Although Istani civilization (and the Order of the Sunspears) originated here, Fahranur has been completely abandoned since the Scarab Plague.
  • The fallen statue head in the opening cinematic of the Nightfall campaign appears to be the one that lies near the exit into Jokanur Diggings.
  • Librarian Gahmir Lenon's dialogue in the Halls of Chokhin hints at a connection between the First City and the kings of Orr.
  • The entrance into the ruins is protected by falling crusher traps.
    • Dying from being crushed does not cause Death Penalty and does not count as a death (for Survivors).
    • The traps will kill player characters, but will not kill Heroes.
  • This area has a large number of low level Skale enemies near the entrance to the city itself. Characters with low Sunspear rank may want to kill these for the The Honorable General quest since there is a Sunspear Scout that provides Skale Hunt at the beginning of the map.
  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 2.9% to the Elonian Cartographer title track.
  • Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests require defeating around 220 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 196 to 244 foes.
    • Consider starting from Blacktide Den for a party size of 8.
    • Study the patrol paths of the mobs outside of the city ruins before engaging; many of them overlap.
    • The quest A Perplexing Plague in particular will produce a lot more insect spawns.
    • During Defender's Choice, Arred the Unready starts as hostile and turns friendly so that he may be interrogated. Some players have reported being unable to complete their vanquish unless they have decided to kill him instead.

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