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As you adventure in the lands of Cantha and beyond, you will encounter specialized missions that are major points in your progression as a hero. Missions are typically more difficult and time-consuming than quests, and they do not have resurrection shrines. Should your entire party die while in a mission, you will fail that mission and be returned to the mission's outpost or town. Once you have formed your party, click either the "Enter Mission" or "Cooperative Mission" button. As with quests, should you ever become confused or need a reminder of the mission's goals, press "L" to bring up your log.

Tablet of Wisdom

Missions are special zones of Guild Wars that have built-in objectives. There are four main categories of missions:

  • Cooperative Missions move the character through the storyline. Parties may include heroes, henchmen, or other players, except for a few solo missions; a specific hero is required for almost every Nightfall mission.
  • Competitive Missions are battles between Luxon and Kurzick teams. Heroes and henchmen are not permitted.
  • Challenge Missions ask teams to earn as many points as possible, with special rewards for beating existing high scores. Parties may include heroes, henchmen, or other players, unless they are solo missions.
  • Elite Missions are those that require a high amount of preparation, skill, and time commitment. Parties, which can sometimes include up to 12 members, may include heroes or other players, but most do not allow henchmen.

Accessing missions[edit]

In Prophecies and Factions, missions are entered through the Enter Mission button in the Party Formation panel. In Nightfall, missions are entered through dialogue with a mission starter NPC, and generally require the completion of primary quests. In Eye of the North, the "missions" (in many cases these technically are primary quests, but follow a similar structure as a mission) are acquired by completing earlier preceding quests, from the Scrying Pool, or merely from entering the quest's explorable area.

Mission overviews[edit]

This wiki offers mission overviews for all campaigns.