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Elite Missions are difficult missions designed for high level and well organized parties. They tend to take a long time to complete and are usually filled with high-level foes. They play much like typical campaign missions, but they are not required to complete the campaign nor to progress the Protector titles. As with any mission, there are no Resurrection Shrines and you will be returned to the last visited outpost or lobby should the party wipe. Most elite missions have chests that drop high quality and often uniquely skinned items and have bosses that drop unique items unavailable elsewhere. Most elite missions have a corresponding "Honor" statue for the Hall of Monuments.



Although not officially called elite missions, the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe are two very difficult areas in the game. These areas are only for ascended (Prophecies) characters, Weh no Su (Factions) characters or Nightfall characters who have completed the Hunted! quest. These areas become accessible by means of kneeling at certain statues of the gods or using a Passage Scroll.


While there are no official elite missions in the Prophecies campaign, there are two areas that behave similarly to them:


There are two elite missions in the Factions campaign.


There is only one elite mission in the Nightfall campaign.

Eye of the North[edit]