Temple of the Ages

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Temple of the Ages
Temple of the Ages.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) The Black Curtain
The Fissure of Woe
The Underworld
Temple of the Ages Map.jpg
Map of Temple of the Ages
Temple-of-the-ages from-bergen-hot-springs.jpg
Temple of the Ages from Bergen Hot Springs
Temple of the Ages overhead view.jpg
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From time immemorial the Temple of the Ages has stood in this protected location just inland of the Divinity Coast. The elements have taken their toll on the temple, and even the statues of the gods are now little more than piles of rubble. Still, this sacred place holds a magic that attracts the bold and the adventurous. Some say that the stones themselves will rise up one day and rebuild the temple, and on that day, the gods will once again turn their gaze upon Kryta.

— in-game description

The Temple of the Ages is where ascended characters assemble to form parties for ventures into the Realms of the Gods. Sometime before his disappearance, Saul D'Alessio formed a special edict for the Temple of the Ages to be unchanged by the White Mantle's faith in the Unseen Ones.

This area functions as a lobby for organizing parties and includes convenient access portals to Elite Missions.

Getting there[edit]

The Temple of the Ages can be reached from Bergen Hot Springs (travel west), Beetletun (travel via Nebo Terrace, then southerly to Cursed Lands to Black Curtain, heading westerly), or Fishermen's Haven (travel north then east).

The quest The Lost Princess, which can be acquired in Fishermen's Haven, will lead to this location.

Quests available[edit]





Other allies[edit]


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Anomaly Anomaly.If you exit from here with a party of seven heroes and one player, when you attempt to map travel to another outpost from a connected explorable area (e.g. The Black Curtain), you will receive an error message stating that your party is too big to enter — even if that outpost allows parties of eight. However, you can ignore the message; the entire party will still be transported to the new outpost.

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