Divinity Coast

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost, an explorable area during the War in Kryta, and a Zaishen mission quest.
Divinity Coast
Divinity Coast map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Cooperative
Party size 6
Duration Medium
Preceded by D'Alessio Seaboard
Followed by A Brother's Fury

As a member of the White Mantle, you've been asked to take the Eye of Janthir to Loamhurst.

Mission information[edit]


Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Watchtower Coast and start the mission. Completing D'Alessio Seaboard also brings the party here.


Administer the Test of the Chosen.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
There is an additional reward for saving the Chosen villagers. The whole party shares (100Gold * number of Chosen saved * number of human players). (I.e. a party of 6 humans saving 5 Chosen shares 3Platinum, and a party of 1 human + 5 heroes shares 500Gold.)


Shaemoor is a short trip ahead from the start point. Justiciar Hablion will be waiting for you there, and speaking to him will trigger a cinematic which points you towards the Fountain of Truth where you will cleanse yourself by simply standing on it to receive the cleansed effect. Return to Hablion and acquire the Eye of Janthir. The eye will follow any cleansed party members and help you distinguish the Chosen from amongst the villagers. Those villagers who pass the test will now follow you to Loamhurst.

Head to the western gate in Shaemoor to continue. Head southwest to the bridge. While engaging foes, the Eye will assist by inflicting an area of effect knockdown using Janthir's Gaze.

After crossing the high bridge, you'll find a caravan of merchants under attack. If you save the merchants, your party will gain a 2% morale boost. (The merchant that appears in the party list is involved in the bonus task.)

Keep walking west until you reach the second Tengu boss on the border of the swamp, and then head north through the Undead until you reach Loamhurst. Before taking the Eye to the pedestal, talking to Lionguard Minah will reward your party for any Chosen delivered to her.


To complete the bonus you need to rescue all five of the Chosen and escort them to Loamhurst unharmed. Chosen krytans will be added to the bottom of your party list as allies, which will help you tell which one needs to be saved. With the exception of the first, all of the Chosen will be under attack after entering compass range. As a result players should bring skills to assist in quickly killing the attackers/saving the Chosen with heals. Skills that hinder enemies at a distance (such as Ineptitude) are useful. While fighting, don't forget about the Chosen you have already saved, since they can be attacked as you rush to the defence of the new Chosen. After saving the Chosen, you must get close to them to make them follow. The names of Chosen in the party window will become greyed out if left behind.

The Chosen villagers and merchants are only added to the party list once a player enters compass range. Because of this, flagging heroes and henchmen to the locations of the Chosen using the Mission Map before the player enters compass range provides a very easy way to ensure survival of the Chosen. Moreover, the already saved Chosen will stay with the player and therefore be less vulnerable.

Once all five have been secured, there will still be a short trip towards Loamhurst through an area with poisoned water and undead, avoid the Chosen stepping in the swamp. Finally, you must talk to Lionguard Minah or else you will lose the bonus by skipping to the end of the mission. Make sure all five are with you or the game will consider you have lost one during your way towards the bonus claim.

Hard mode[edit]

The Chosen lose health in Hard mode much faster and getting to them in time may pose a problem. Consider bringing skills that increase the party's movement speed, as well as niche skills such as Ebon Escape. As all the Chosen will primarily be targeted by melee attacks, also consider skills as Gust and Withering Aura that can keep these targets from dying. Finally, a decent healer is most likely crucial to keep the Chosen alive throughout the mission. Taking an AoE skill will cause the enemies to scatter and change targets, which can help protect The Chosen.











Tengu (Caromi)

Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Location of Bosses in Divinity Coast


Tengu (Caromi)

Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Intermediate cinematic[edit]

For more information, see Divinity Coast (cinematics)
Justiciar Hablion: "My friends! Welcome to Shaemoor."
Justiciar Hablion: "This is the Eye of Janthir. It has the power to see inside a person and discern his or her magical aptitude."
Justiciar Hablion: "Those it gazes upon will be judged, either rising to glory or falling in shame."
Justiciar Hablion: "You will be bringing it to Loamhurst, taking those whom it deems worthy with you."
Justiciar Hablion: "But before it will follow you, you must first cleanse yourself in the Fountain of Truth, up on the hill to the southeast."
Justiciar Hablion: "Once you have been cleansed, come back to retrieve the Eye, and you can commence administering the test."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Justiciar Hablion: "My friends! I am happy you made it in time for the testing of the chosen."
Justiciar Hablion: "This is the Eye of Janthir. It has the power to see inside a person and discern his or her magical aptitude."
Justiciar Hablion: "You will be taking it on to Loamhurst. Those who show promise will get to study with the Grand Masters at the Temple of Unseen."
Justiciar Hablion: "But first you must bathe yourselves in the Fountain of Truth up on the hill to the southeast. Return here once you have been cleansed."

When speaking to a Villager before being cleansed.

Villager: "Back already? It seems the Mantle were just here."
Villager: "I wonder who will be Chosen this time."
Villager: "My goodness! Is it really Summer Solstice already? Time for the Test."

When speaking to Justiciar Hablion after being cleansed.

Justiciar Hablion: "Well done. As you can see, the Eye will now follow you. All those whom you come in contact with will be judged by the Eye."
Justiciar Hablion: "Those who are deemed worthy will join you in your trek to Loamhurst. The unworthy will be humbled."
Justiciar Hablion: "Good luck. Travel safely my fellow Knights of the Mantle[sic]"

When speaking to a Villager who is chosen.

Villager: "And my brother said I wouldn't amount to anything. Ha! Who's laughing now?"
Villager: "I can't wait. This is the most important day of my life."
Villager: "I knew it. I always knew I was gifted."
Villager: "I wonder if I'll get my own room in the Grand Temple."
Villager: "I've always dreamed of studying with the Grand Masters."
Villager: "One day, I'm going to be the most magnificent Mesmer in the land. You'll see."

When speaking to a Villager who is not chosen.

Villager: "Always the Mantle come. And always they take someone away."
Villager: "Every season it's another one. I'm never any good at guessing who it will be."
Villager: "Every season the Mantle come and take a few more. But none of them ever come back."
Villager: "I wish it were me going."
Villager: "The Mantle steal our crops and our youth. What's next?"
Villager: "There goes one more able body to help with the farming."
Villager: "This is such a happy day for the Chosen."
Villager: "We're so proud."
Villager: "Why don't any of the Chosen ever return?"

When speaking to the Shaemoor Gate Guard.

Shaemoor Gate Guard: "You must be quite gifted to be given the honor of escorting the Eye."

When coming into range of the second Chosen.

Villager: "Help! Please help me!"

When speaking to the second Chosen.

Villager: "Thank you! When our caravan was attacked several of us scattered into the hills."
Villager: "If any of them are Chosen it would be your duty, as the keepers of the Eye, to find and escort them safely to Loamhurst."

When a Merchant is under attack (ordered from east to west).

Merchant: "NOOOO!"
Merchant: "Pecked to death by a bird! What a terrible way to die."
Merchant: "I'm a very rich man. I don't deserve to die."
Merchant: "Please, I have a family. Don't kill me."
Merchant: "Please don't kill me. I don't want to die."

After saving a Merchant (ordered from east to west).

Merchant: "You're my hero."
Merchant: "You saved me from a very embarrassing death."
Merchant: "Don't expect a reward."
Merchant: "On behalf of my daughter, I thank you for saving my life."
Merchant: "I'd be a goner if it wasn't for you."

When speaking with Lionguard Minah with all five Chosen.

Lionguard Minah: "You have delivered to us the Chosen without letting any of them fall. As a token of our appreciation, please accept this small gift."

When speaking with Lionguard Minah after delivering the Chosen.

Lionguard Minah: "I see the rumors of your bravery are true."

When speaking to a Coastal Keep Guard.

Coastal Keep Guard: "Now that you've administered the test, you are one of us."
Coastal Keep Guard: "You are a friend to the White Mantle, and we never forget our friends."

End cinematic[edit]

Justiciar Taran: "When they're ready, escort all of the Chosen to the caravan."
Justiciar Rhynnon: "Yes, sir."
Justiciar Taran: "We leave within the hour."

Justiciar Taran: "What was that?"
Justiciar Rhynnon: "It came from over there."
Justiciar Taran: "It's an ambush!"
Chosen Villager 1: "Oh no!"
Chosen Villager 1: "It's the Shining Blade!"
Chosen Villager 2: "Dwayna protect us."
Saidra: "Quickly, take the Chosen into the jungle."
Chosen Villager 2: "Please don't hurt us."
Saidra: "Keep quiet. Your suffering will be over soon."


  • Complete exploration of this mission contributes approximately 1.0% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Druid's Overlook.
  • When approaching the Fountain of Truth, the soundtrack Droknar's Forge will play in place of the usual Krytan soundtracks.
Bug Bug.The objectives fail to state that one must talk to Lionguard Minah to complete the bonus.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the Eye will disappear if you separate too far from a human companion you're running the mission with.
Anomaly Anomaly.When fighting the Mergoyle Wavebreakers at the cleansing fountain, a White Mantle Abbot, assumed to be running around panicking about the Mergoyles, will intentionally heal them with Heal Other.
Anomaly Anomaly.While up to five chosen are saved during the mission, the end cutscene only has four.
Anomaly Anomaly.The first chosen Villager becomes an ally before acquiring the Eye.
Anomaly Anomaly.Skipping the initial cutscene while the camera is focused on the Fountain of Truth will move Justicar Hablion from his position near the Eye of Janthir to stand by the fountain.

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