Gates of Kryta

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
Gates of Kryta
Gates of Kryta map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Cooperative
Party size 6
Duration Medium
Preceded by To Kryta: Journey's End
Followed by Report to the White Mantle

Prince Rurik has died, and it is now up to the player to get the survivors to a new home in Kryta. Unfortunately, doing so will require the player to aid in defeating an invasion of the undead.

Mission information[edit]


Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Scoundrel's Rise and start the mission.


Secure a safe place for your people to settle.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


Head south until you reach the village (point 2). To open the gate, you must defeat all the undead in the open area along the route. Once inside, speak to Justiciar Toriimo to open the southern exit from the village and head over the bridge at the beach.

Follow the shore to the east and talk to Justiciar Hablion to trigger the first cinematic. Immediately afterwards, the White Mantle will rush forward to fight the undead. Players must ensure Hablion's survival or the mission will fail. After a while Hablion splits from the White Mantle troops, but the player must follow the group and keep killing the undead. Once all foes had been cleared, the second/final cinematic will trigger.

To increase the chance of success in keeping Hablion alive, you can simply not talk to him since you can complete the mission without him. While at it, if your party nearly wipes except for one player, that single survivor can return to Hablion; talking to him will trigger the first cinematic and result in your party's entire resurrection (at his location) which grants a second chance with the White Mantle reinforcements.

Alternatively you can take the "backway" in and finish the mission without triggering the cinematic and without risking Hablion getting killed. Coming back from retrieving the bonus Text and before leaving the beach (to the right), send one person back to collect bonus and the others stay left a little ways up the beach and then exit and up the ramp on the left. Join the main path and continue north and finish the mission.


Talk to the pig named Oink (point 1) to get it to follow you; lead it back to Cheswick (the owner) (point 2). Follow the water north from the beach until you find a chest (point 3) that contains the Orrian Text. Picking up the book will popup several Smoke Phantoms: these should only present a problem for lower-level parties. Along the way, you will encounter several more trigger points; again, fight rather than run. You get credit for the bonus when you return the text to the Orrian Historian McClain (point 2).

Alternatively, you can go straight to the chest (point 3) after getting Oink to follow you, bypassing both McClain and Cheswick. Oink will tank your enemies, allowing you to easily defeat them (the pig's damage output is next to nothing, but it is invincible to your enemies). (You could retrieve the book without Oink, but (a) he must be with you to get credit for the bonus and (b) you would lose his help along the way.)

Anomaly Anomaly.If Oink is not with your party, Orrian Historian McClain will still take the Orrian text; you have to return again with the pig to get credit.

Hard mode[edit]

The White Mantle NPCs will die very quickly, so it is wiser to run ahead of them and clear a path to ensure Justiciar Hablion's survival.

Skill recommendations[edit]

  • Phantoms and skeletons are not fleshy, so they don't leave exploitable corpses and are immune to bleeding, disease, and poison.
  • Most foes are undead and take double damage from Holy damage skills.

Hard mode[edit]


Solo farming the entire Gates of Kryta mission is extremely popular for amassing large quantities of bones, dust, gold, runes, insignias, weapon upgrades, dye, and Decayed Orr Emblems (which have special collectors during Halloween and Wintersday), and to Power level.

Behind the house where you find Oink, there's a small hidden path that leads up a hill then goes back down. There's a lone Hellhound but once you get closer a few popups Grasping Ghouls will spawn near it. Also, attacking the hellhound and killing it will cause more undead to appear.

If you take Oink with you, you can run back and the undead will crowd around Oink, but be stuck unable to attack him, allowing you to easily kill them in the meantime.

Interactive object[edit]





Humans (Lionguard)

Humans (White Mantle)

Charmable animals[edit]





Phantoms (Undead)

Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Farmer: "Help! The dead are walking out of the swamps."
Farmer: "Head west to the gates of Lion's Arch and warn them. LOOK OUT!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

White Mantle Abbot: "Begone you foul bone demons!"

<White Mantle NPC>: "The dead rising could only mean one thing. The last days of the prophecies are near."
<White Mantle NPC>: "The scriptures speak of the walking dead. Soon the true seers will be revealed."
<White Mantle NPC>: "The war against the divine will begin soon. We must prepare ourselves."
<White Mantle NPC>: "These days have been foreseen. It is the beginnings of the prophecies."
<White Mantle NPC>: "Won't be long now. The Divine Caretakers have prepared for the coming of the undead."

Recruit: "This is bunk. Stuck here while everyone else is out fighting."
Veteran: "Be patient. Your time will come."
Recruit: "It's just that I feel so powerless here."
Veteran: "I understand. But keeping this location safe is also important."
Recruit: "Not as important as sending all those dead men back to their graves."
Veteran: "That'll be enough, soldier."
Recruit: "Yes, sir."
Veteran: "Stay on your guard."
Recruit: "Do you think this will be like the standoff at the Temple of Mercy?"
Veteran: "If Hablion doesn't return soon, we may be in for a fight."
Recruit: "Do you think this will be like the standoff at the Temple of Mercy?" [sic]
Veteran: "Let's hope not."
Recruit: "Is it true these undead all come from Orr?"
Veteran: "Hard to say."
Recruit: "But I've heard the guys talking."
Veteran: "You've heard talking, huh? What have you heard?"
Recruit: "Well, that their uniforms look like those of the old Orr army."
Veteran: "Hmm..."
Recruit: "Sir?"
Veteran: "It's true. There is a resemblance. Still, it's not wise to believe everything you hear."

Josephine: "You've got to be kidding me."
Merchant: "I never kid."
Josephine: "Four gold for a head of lettuce?"
Merchant: "It's supply and demand."
Josephine: "Well, then I demand my money back."
Merchant: "Look, Joe, my whole crop was trampled by those ghouls."
Josephine: "I don't care. I won't pay that much."
Merchant: "Suit yourself."
Merchant: "All right, look, how 'bout I give it to you for three gold."
Josephine: "Three gold? For that much, I could clothe my entire family!"
Merchant: "Then, what would you pay?"
Josephine: "Hmm... For a gold piece each, I'll take three."
Merchant: "I'll give you three heads of lettuce for four gold."
Josephine: "I'll give you three heads of lettuce for four gold." [sic]

Cheswick: "Dad, when will we be able to go back home?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "When the white mantle have made sure everything is safe."
Cheswick: "Do you think my pig will be safe?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "I don't know, son. I don't know."
Cheswick: "Dad?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "Yes?"
Cheswick: "Where are all these strange people from?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "They're from over the mountains. From Ascalon."
Cheswick: "But I thought Ascalon was destroyed?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "Me too, son. Me too."
Cheswick: "I'm scared."
Cheswick: "Dad, when this is over, do you think we can go float some flowers for mom?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "How're you holding up?"
Cheswick: "Can we light the candle, too?"
Orrian Historian McClain: "Well, I think you've been pretty brave today."
Orrian Historian McClain: "You bet."
Orrian Historian McClain: "Anything you want, son. Anything you want."

Speaking to Justiciar Toriimo:

Justiciar Toriimo: "Lion's Arch is sealed by order of Justiciar Hablion. He's gone to the south to deal with an invasion of undead."

On bringing Oink to Cheswick:

Cheswick: "Thank you so much for finding Oink!"
Orrian Historian McClain: "You found Oink! You've made my son very happy. Perhaps I can return the favor."

Speaking to Orrian Historian McClain after returning Oink:

Orrian Historian McClain: "You found Oink! You've made my son very happy. Perhaps I can return the favor."
Orrian Historian McClain: "There's a shipwreck, in a cove southwest of here. It looks to be an old Orrian ship. If you find anything of interest down there, perhaps I can help you identify it."

Delivering the Orrian Text to Orrian Historian McClain:

Orrian Historian McClain: "As I thought, this is an old Orrian text. It's a passage from the Memoirs of Thaddeus LaMounte." [sic]

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

Justiciar Hablion: "You've arrived in Kryta at the wrong moment friend."
Justiciar Hablion: "I don't have time for long speeches, but I'll make you this deal: help me fight these Undead, and I'll give you and your people passage into Lion's Arch."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

Justiciar Hablion: "White Mantle, advance!"
Justiciar Hablion: "I'll take the high ground, above both sides of the entrance to the swamp. If you can lure the bony bastards out, we'll rain hell down on their heads."

End cinematic[edit]

Justiciar Hablion: "Be at peace, brother. May your soul find peace in the Mists."
Justiciar Hablion: Your bravery is unquestionable, your honor unmatched."
Justiciar Hablion: "On behalf of the White Mantle, I thank you greatly for your service. Our founder, Saul D'Alessio himself would have been proud to call you his friends."
Justiciar Hablion: "As promised, your request for entrance to Lion's Arch has been granted."
Justiciar Hablion: "You and your fellow Ascalons are welcome here."
Justiciar Hablion: "Come, I will escort you to town personally. We will make sure you receive a proper reception."
Justiciar Hablion: "Welcome to Lion's Arch."

White Mantle Carrier: "I found it!"
White Mantle Carrier: "The Scepter of Orr!"
White Mantle Soldier (1): "Thank Dwayna we found it first. If the undead get this..."
White Mantle Soldier (2): "Come on. The sooner we get the scepter into safekeeping, the better."
White Mantle Soldier (1): "AHH! Help me!"
White Mantle Soldier (3): "The undead. We're under attack."
White Mantle Carrier: "We can't let them get the scepter."
White Mantle Soldier (3): "Make haste to the Temple of Tolerance."
White Mantle Soldier (3): "Take the scepter to Confessor Dorian. We'll hold back the undead for as long as we can."
White Mantle Carrier: "But..."
White Mantle Soldier (3): "Just go!"
Undead Lich: "Run you little fool. Run."
Undead Lich: "I have all the time in the world."
Undead Lich: "The scepter will be mine again soon enough."
Undead Lich: "Everything proceeds according to the prophecy."


  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Lion's Arch.
  • Though it is implied, it is not explicitly stated that the mission is failed if Justiciar Hablion dies.
  • If you are having trouble keeping Hablion alive, you can bypass his dialogue and avoid activating him; travel via the water up the other side.
  • Complete exploration of this mission contributes approximately 1.4% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
    • Players looking for the cartographer title can find a hidden path behind the house where Oink is found.
Anomaly Anomaly.In their dialogue, Josephine repeats the Merchant's last line.
Anomaly Anomaly.Some elements of the dialogue in the White Mantle encampment seem to happen in the wrong order, with one character lagging behind the other.
Anomaly Anomaly.After you return Oink to Cheswick, Orrian Historian McClain will tell you that there is a shipwreck to the southwest, even though it is northeast.

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