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In Guild Wars, a popup is a foe (often an entire group) which is initially hidden, only spawning after a trigger condition (usually, entering aggro range) is met. Insects, plants, nightmares, and even some human groups frequently appear as popups.

The term comes from the fact that nearly all of the popups in Prophecies literally crawled out of the ground to attack you, hidden tree-lurking Spiders being the only exception. Subsequent expansions added more "fall-down" popups; descending from ropes is a favorite of several human groups in Factions, who sometimes even employ pincer tactics.

Common popup enemies[edit]


  • As a general rule of thumb, if you come to an uncleared section of an explorable area or mission that seems abnormally devoid of enemies, there is a good chance you will encounter popups.
  • Popups are not required to be killed for vanquishing an area as long as they do not appear in compass range. However, once triggered, they must be killed in order to complete the vanquishing, even if they disappear again (Wurms, Worms and Salving Cactus mainly).
Bug Bug.If you hold down "Targeting: Show Enemies" (default: CTRL) while moving, the names of creatures poised to pop up will flash on the screen briefly as they enter selection range.
Bug Bug.Popups can still be attacked by spirits and minions even when they're underground.