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Distant cousins to the sand, chaos, and desert wurms, the great ice wurms are particularly unusual members of the species, making their home in the frigid marches of the Shiverpeaks rather than the warm territories their brethren favor. A thick layer of blubber beneath their tough skin helps insulate them from the cold. These wurms are significantly stronger and more deadly than their southern counterparts, able to burrow through upper layers of stone, as well as dirt or sand. Such abilities, of course, make them much more formidable opponents.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

Wurms are giant worm-like creatures that burrow through the ground. Some wurms are able to use extended ranged "siege" attacks. They are generally larger, more aggressive versions of worms. The larvae state even resembles worms.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Crystal Desert Warrior 22 (26) Sand Wurm
Warrior 20 (26) Siege Wurm1
Bleached Shell
Southern Shiverpeaks Necromancer 24 (26) Frost Wurm Frozen Shell
Ring of Fire Islands Warrior 28 (30) Wurm Igneous Shell3
The Mists Warrior 30 (?) Chaos Wurm1
Warrior 30 (?) Chaos Wurm
Guild Wars Factions
The Deep (Elite Mission) Ranger 28 (30) The Leviathan1, 2 unknown
Urgoz's Warren (Elite Mission) Monk 30 (32) Greater Serpent1
Monk 28 (30) Guardian Serpent1
Guild Wars Nightfall
The Desolation Warrior 28 (30) Desert Wurm
Unknown 28 (30) Elder Siege Wurm4
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Unknown 18 (25) Frost Larvae
Warrior 28 (30) Frost Siege Wurm1
Necromancer 24 (26) Frost Wurm
Unknown 23 (26) Frost Wurm Young
Unknown 24 (30) Infernal Wurm
Unknown 24 (26) Infernal Siege Wurm
Unknown 24 (26) Raging Infernal Wurm
Unknown 23 (26) Young Frost Wurm
Ashen Wurm Husk
Frozen Wurm Husk
Far Shiverpeaks Necromancer 24 (26) Frost Wurm Frozen Wurm Husk
The Fissure of Woe Unknown 28 (30) Infernal Wurm1 Umbral Shell3
  1. These Wurms are stationary.
  2. The Leviathan's species is unconfirmed.
  3. There are no collectors for Igneous Shells or Umbral Shells.
  4. Elder Siege Wurms only appear during the Horde of Darkness quest.



  • While they are burrowing, wurms leave trails of dust clouds above them.
  • Junundu are also wurms.
  • Wurms all have increased armor, immunity to knock down, and most have an equal amount of armor against all damage types, despite being Warriors or Rangers.


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  • Wurm, which means 'snake' or 'serpent' is also another archaic name used for Dragons.