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Disambig icon.png This article is about the classification that corresponds to the physical and biological form of Creatures. For a classification that corresponds to social organizations and common mindsets, see Affiliation.

Creature type is a way of grouping creatures based on common responses to certain game mechanics, notably Disease, Miasma, Edge of Extinction, Charm Animal, creature hunts (except Undead Hunt and Skree Battle), and weapon slaying mods (except Charrslaying and Deathbane). It typically corresponds to the physical form of creatures, such as their taxonomy or species in lore, but there are plenty of exceptions.

Each instance of a creature can only have one type, but there can be different versions — sometimes with an identical name — that have different types. For example, Fendi Nin has a different type from his Soul and Shiro Tagachi appears as both as a human and as a demon.

Creatures of the same type will often share other traits, often by design rather than of something inherent in the game mechanics. For example:

Some bounties target creature type, as do some weapon upgrades of slaying.

Creature types by campaign[edit]

Unofficial names are in italics.

Core regions Prophecies Factions Nightfall Eye of the North Bonus Mission Pack


  • Family is the "in-house terminology" used by ArenaNet for an NPC's creature type. This is usually determined by the creature's species in lore but may be determined by other means. Previously it was mostly used on the wiki for creature type.

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