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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Enchanted foes in Guild Wars Eye of the North. For the Enchanted foes in Guild Wars Prophecies, see Enchanted armor.
An Enchanted Sword

Enchanted weapons are floating weapons found in the Depths of Tyria. On occasion, they are accompanied by Forge Masters.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Warrior 24 (26) Enchanted Axe
Warrior 24 (26) Enchanted Hammer
Warrior 20, 24 (26) Enchanted Shield
Warrior 24 (26) Enchanted Sword
Ranger 24 (26) Enchanted Bow
Assassin 24 (26) Enchanted Dagger
Paragon 24 (26) Enchanted Spear
Dervish 20, 24 (26) Enchanted Scythe


  • Enchanted weapons that appear with shields have 136 armor, and those that do not have 120. Both are greater than normal for their profession and level.
Anomaly Anomaly.Although the NPCs are not fleshy, they are affected by bleeding.