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The Forgotten are a group of ancient snake-like beings that stand upright. It is said that they were placed on the world of Tyria in 1769 BE by the Six Gods in order to guide the other races. They originally resided all over Tyria. At an unknown time before 100 BE, the Forgotten were at war with the Charr on the border of what would become Ascalon, near the Blazeridge Mountains. In 0 BE, the Forgotten aided the Five Gods in their war against Abaddon and acted as wardens of the defeated god and his army within the Realm of Torment - where they continued this duty until Nightfall occurred in 1075 AE.

When humans appeared in Tyria and began to become the dominant population, the Forgotten retreated to the Crystal Desert. In the Crystal Desert, they now serve the dragon Glint, where their race have become long forgotten, hence their current name. Alongside guarding Glint, they act as the testers in the trials of Ascension, posing as a threat to all who wish to become Ascended. When Turai Ossa and the Elonians ventured into the Crystal Desert, they immediately attacked the Forgotten thinking them to be mindless beasts - and were soon wiped out, by both the Forgotten's retaliation and internal strife.

The Forgotten are said to be linked to the Facets that reflect the power of the Human Gods.[1]

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Crystal Desert Monk 20 Enemy Priest
Monk 20 Forgotten Sage
Necromancer 20 Forgotten Cursebearer
Mesmer 20 Forgotten Illusionist
Elementalist 20 Forgotten Arcanist
Forgotten Seal

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