Blazeridge Mountains

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The Blazeridge Mountains is the mountain range east of Ascalon that curves down from north of Drascir to where it merges with the Southern Shiverpeaks north of the Crystal Desert. As such, it acts as a natural boundary between Ascalon and the Crystal Desert as well as the charr controlled lands to the east. The currently abandoned mining village of Ebonhawke resides where the mountain range merges with the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Currently, ogres reside in the Blazeridge Mountains.

Blazeridge Mountains supposed ruins


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  • Early on, when Guild Wars went live, if you used the world map while in The Underworld, one's location would be in the southern area of Blazeridge Mountains.
  • When observing the area on the old World Map design, one used to be able to see something resembling to ruins, east of Thunderhead Keep. This was removed when the full Tyria World Map design was changed and expanded in the Tuesday, July 17, 2007 update (see "Miscellaneous" subsection) due the upcoming Eye of the North release.