Thunderhead Keep

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
Thunderhead Keep
Thunderhead Keep map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Duration Long
Preceded by Iron Mines of Moladune
Followed by Final Blow

The Deldrimor Dwarves have lost the Keep, and they need your help to retake it from the Stone Summit and defend it against the Mursaat.

Mission information[edit]


Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Ice Floe and start the mission. Completing Iron Mines of Moladune also brings the party here.


Retake Thunderhead Keep.

  • Clear the city.
  • Clear the fort.
  • Kill Dagnar Stonepate.
  • Help King Jalis Ironhammer hold Thunderhead Keep.
  • Speak with King Jalis Ironhammer.
  • *BONUS* Light the beacons to draw additional Mursaat forces into Thunderhead Keep.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


The goal is to recover the Deldrimor Dwarves' capital city and fort while protecting King Jalis Ironhammer. The mission is divided into four stages: getting to the capital, clearing it of foes, breaching the fort, and then defending it against a siege.

Reaching the city is straightforward: talk to King Jalis Ironhammer to open the first gate; he will then follow whichever party member talked to him first - he will follow that player until the cutscene. Cross the bridge and then head north-west. There is an incoming patrol at the end of this bridge, so pull the first mob towards the bridge and kill them before the other one arrives.

Once inside the city, bring Jalis to the gate at the eastern side of the city and he will open it with Claim Resource. The mission objective says to clear the groups inside the city, but this is not required. Now follow the path leading to the fort.

Defeat the Stone Summit led by Dagnar Stonepate inside the fort. When the western groups are killed, Jalis will say "Deldrimor declares war!". Killing all the fort groups triggers a cutscene, teleporting Jalis to the top of the fort; he will no longer follow the party.

When Deldrimor declares war, waves of Stone Summit and Jade constructs start spawning and approaching the fort. After 2 minutes and 15 seconds, a Stone Summit boss group spawns. When this entire group dies, Jalis says "The Mantle followed you! Stand fast friends! This will be our finest hour!". Waves of White Mantle start spawning to the north of the fort, and Jade constructs near the teleporter further to the north. After exactly 3 minutes, a Mursaat boss group spawns. When this entire group dies, Jalis says "Be on your guard. The left hand of Grenth himself comes for us.". Waves of Mursaat start spawning near the teleporter. After 9 minutes and 40 seconds, Confessor Dorian and a group of White Mantle spawn near the teleporter. They take a strange route to the fort, stopping for a while to the north-east before turning back and entering through the west. Kill this entire group and then talk to Jalis to complete the mission.

It is possible to interact with the Firing Levers to harm the waves of enemies as they approach the fort.


The bonus requires the party to prevent the death of Dwarven allies located outside the fort by lighting two Storm Beacons with Enchanted Torches that spawn after the cutscene, which draw enemies to the fort and away from the unprotected Dwarves. Both beacons are on opposite sides of the fort, on the east and west walls.

The bonus fails if the beacons are not lit within about a minute of Deldrimor declaring war. There is enough time for a single player without speed boosts to light both beacons. Do not try to carry a torch between the beacons; otherwise the bundle will slow the runner down too much. There is a torch at either beacon, allowing the player to drop and leave the torch at the lit beacons. With more players in the party, both beacons can be lit simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the quest log does not update on the Dwarves' survival. The only indication the bonus was failed is if the Dwarves cry out, "The end is here! Great Dwarf save us!" If that text does not appear in party chat, it is an indirect confirmation of success.

Once the last attacker dies, the quest log will update, and a quest marker will appear over Ironhammer's head. Speaking with him concludes the mission. The bonus will be awarded at that point, if it was completed successfully.

Strategies for defending the fort[edit]

There are three main techniques for successfully defending against the siege, based on where you confront the mobs: at the gates, with the king, or by taking the fight to the teleporter.

Defend the gates

Split the party into two groups to block each gate; this keeps the King safely away. The courtyard's width prevents the two groups from working together, but they will be close enough that one or two members can run back and forth to assist. Ranged characters can fight from atop the walls. Use the ballistae to weaken foes before they reach a gate.

  • Pro: The King is never at risk.
  • Con: The split groups are weak against strong assaults.
Defend the king

Hold your ground between the center beacon and the King. Regardless from which gate these small mobs enter, they always converge at the top of the stairs. However, if enemies enter the King's aggro area, he will join the fight, which makes him difficult to protect as he will not move back.

  • Pro: The party outnumbers enemies. Easier to manage with heroes and henchmen.
  • Con: The King will be at risk.
Attack at the spawn point

Parties with strong firepower can push back the incoming waves to their spawn point to the north since they all pass through a choke point. Players will stand at full force while keeping the King completely away from battle. Jades along the way (not the ones that spawn) can be ignored, as they are part of the bonus and will not attack the King. Single foes that split during this procedure can be killed by Smoke Phantom allies.

  • Pro: Allows the party to be at full strength.
  • Con: Difficult in Hard mode to reach the Mursaat teleporter or to regroup if any foe slips.

Hard mode[edit]

Although the foes are considerably more difficult in hard mode, the techniques are the same. Keep a more careful eye on the king's health throughout the mission.

Skill recommendations[edit]

  • Ward of Stability to counter Summit Giant Herders's Giant Stomp.
  • Minions/spirits to outnumber foes.
  • AoE skills, especially if using the defend the king method.



Dwarves (Deldrimor)


Tengu (Avicara)

Dwarves (Stone Summit)

Elementals (Stone Summit)



Humans (White Mantle)



Dwarves (Stone Summit)

Elementals (Stone Summit)


Interactive objects[edit]


Intermediate cinematic[edit]

For more information, see Thunderhead Keep (cinematics)
Vizier Khilbron: "You have taken the keep, but your fight is not yet over. The Mursaat and their White Mantle counterparts are headed this way. They drive before them the denizens of the Shiverpeak Mountains. I grant you this boon and the aid of these undead servants. Today you must prevail, for the tale does not end here. Your destiny lies to the west."

End cinematic[edit]

King Jalis Ironhammer: Not even death will save you from my wrath.
Vizier Khilbron: If you will allow me this indulgence, King Ironhammer. Perhaps the confessor can still be of some use to us.
King Jalis Ironhammer: Never give me the opportunity for revenge.
Vizier Khilbron: This is just as it was written in the Flameseeker Prophecies. An opening will be given to the disciples of the Unseen. The peaks and valleys of the Shiverpeaks will be painted in blood. At this time, the Ascendants will rise, and the way to the Door will be clear. The time of our judgment is near. We must prepare. Today's was a great victory, but now your true challenge begins. You must go to the Ring of Fire island chain. In the caldera of the largest volcano you will find the power you need.
King Jalis Ironhammer: The Ring of Fire? A more treacherous land in Tyria there is not.
Vizier Khilbron: True enough, but that is where we will find the Door of Komalie. Behind it lies the secret to defeating the Mursaat.
King Jalis Ironhammer: You're a brave lot, but you'll not make it past the beachhead.
Brechnar Ironhammer: Not without some Dwarven help. I will go with them.
King Jalis Ironhammer: Brechnar, do you know what you are saying?
Brechnar Ironhammer: Yes, brother.
King Jalis Ironhammer: A mission to the Ring of Fire would be suicide.
Brechnar Ironhammer: Then may we meet each other in the afterlife.
Vizier Khilbron: Through this portal awaits your destiny. Do not let it linger. Seize that which you were born to do.
Brechnar Ironhammer: Until we are reunited in the Great Forge.
King Jalis Ironhammer: Go with honor, my brother. Fight bravely in the name of Deldrimor.
Undead Lich: It won't be a long now. Not long at all!


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  • When facing Dagnar there are two walls which each hold two ballistae. The ballista on the left can be fired to kill a mob of eight enemies before killing Dagnar, giving you fewer enemies to fight in the siege.
  • The siege portion of the mission can be managed (even in hard mode) without effort by a player with 7 heroes/henchmen (i.e. while AFK):
    • Flag heroes at the top of the stairs, somewhat apart.
    • Change their mode to Fight.
    • Ensure you have a balanced party.
  • This is the first of only four missions required to reach the end of the Prophecies storyline.
  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 1.1% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
    • You can easily explore the north part of the map after Confessor Dorian has been killed. No more mobs will spawn after him, and the mission will not end until you speak to King Jalis.
  • After completing this mission, your party travels to Ember Light Camp using the Mursaat teleporter.
Bug Bug.Sometimes King Jalis Ironhammer will get stuck on a hill near the beginning of the mission. If this occurs, you must restart the mission, and try again.
Bug Bug.Sometimes if you take the bonus the first boss will stay outside the walls. Even if you kill that mob the spawns will stop. If this occurs, you must restart the mission, and try again.
Anomaly Anomaly.King Jalis may open the gates to the fort before killing all the mobs of city foes. After you clear the fort, the first objective will be counted as completed and you can complete the mission with remaining foes in the city.
Anomaly Anomaly.The extra foes sent to the fort from the Bonus are hostile towards all other enemies, even of the same kind.
Anomaly Anomaly.The bonus timer can be started before the cutscene depending on which foes you kill first. This will cause you to easily fail the bonus due to not enough time.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.

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