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The banner of Deldrimor.

The Dwarves remained neutral during the great Guild Wars that waged between humans, but after the Searing everything changed. Mired in their own civil war, the Deldrimor extended the hand of friendship to Ascalonian refugees... to the betterment of both races. Since the end of their civil war, the Dwarves have re-entered the Depths in search of their destiny, and sought out alliances with races both above and below ground.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

Deldrimor is a kingdom of dwarves residing in the Shiverpeak Mountains. They are very friendly towards other races, such as the humans, and passage through the harsh mountain range (which, along with the Sea of Sorrows divides the continent of Tyria in half) is welcome to anyone who is a friend of Deldrimor.


Most of the Deldrimor Dwarves worship one god, the Great Dwarf, and believe in a place called the Great Forge - presumably where all dwarves go when they die. Despite these beliefs being very different from those of the humans, they respect the humans' worshiping of multiple gods.

Their kingdom is ruled by a king. During the time of the Prophecies campaign, their monarch is King Jalis Ironhammer (who speaks with a distinct Russian accent). The dwarves are well-known for their incredible crafting prowess and players can receive some of the best equipment in the game from them.

The dwarven kingdom is very strong, the Deldrimor Army control quite a bit of the Shiverpeak mountains and several major locations, such as Thunderhead Keep and Droknar's Forge. In recent times however, they seem to be losing control of the areas located deeper in the mountains to the wildlife there and the Stone Summit.

Struggle with the Stone Summit[edit]

The Deldrimor Dwarves are in a civil war with the Stone Summit - a group of xenophobic dwarves with a hatred for all races, most notably man, as well as all who help these races (namely the Deldrimor dwarves). Throughout the Prophecies campaign, players help the Deldrimor Dwarves fight off the Stone Summit.

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Eye of the North.

With the fall of Dagnar Stonepate and Sorrow's Furnace, the Deldrimor Dwarves were able to reign victorious and exile the remaining Stone Summit to the Far Shiverpeaks. There, the Stone Summit attempted to obtain power through various ancient entities. However, all of these attempts were crushed and the Stone Summit are believed to be eliminated with the death of Duncan the Black, the last hierophant.

Known Deldrimor Dwarves[edit]

Leadership Notable members Brotherhood of the Dragon


Region Name
Guild Wars Prophecies
Shiverpeak Mountains Warrior 10, 20 Dwarven Soldier
Ranger 20 Dwarven Archer
Ranger 10, 20 Dwarven Scout
Monk 10, 20 Dwarven Mender
Mesmer 10, 20 Dwarven Sage
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Far Shiverpeaks Unknown 24 Dwarven Miner
Warrior 24 Dwarven Demolitionist
Ranger 24 Deldrimor Scout
Depths of Tyria Any 24 Stone Dwarf
Warrior 24 Dwarven Demolitionist
Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost
Warrior 24 Dwarven Soldier
Warrior 24 Transformed Soldier
Ranger 24 Dwarven Scout
Ranger 24 Transformed Scout
Monk 24 Dwarven Mender
Monk 24 Transformed Mender
Necromancer 24 Dwarven Necromancer
Necromancer 24 Transformed Necromancer
Mesmer 24 Dwarven Sage
Mesmer 24 Transformed Sage


Voice responses[edit]

Deldrimor rank 0-4:

  • "Hail, human."
  • "There is much to do."
  • "What news of the war?"
  • "You seek the dwarves?"
  • "You need me?"

Deldrimor rank 5-9:

  • "Excuse me."
  • "Greetings, hero."
  • "Hail, my friend."
  • "How goes it."
  • "Well met."

Deldrimor rank 10:

  • "You are a legend."
  • "The Great Dwarf watch over you."
  • "Huzzah human!"
  • "Axes high."
  • "You are a hero among the dwarves."

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