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The Elon River
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Landmark

Kourna borders the vast Crystal Desert, and thus depends on a man-made irrigation system that brings water from the magnificent Elon River. The Elon River is essentially the only life source in an otherwise arid wasteland, enriching the soil and nurturing the land with its annual flooding.

the Scribe

The Elon River is a huge river that flows through Elona. The Elon begins north of Vabbi, flowing through The Hidden City of Ahdashim and The Mirror of Lyss where it flows south into Kourna through the Fortress of Jahai, is dammed at Mahnkelon Waterworks and finally flows into the sea at Gandara, the Moon Fortress. The Elon is safeguarded by Water Djinn who control the waters.


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  • The Elon resembles the Nile, a major flowing river in Egypt that is generally regarded as the longest river in the world.
  • In Guild Wars 2, Palawa Joko has dammed the Elon, redirecting it north into the Crystal Desert and drying up southern Elona.

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