Citadel of Dzagon

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Heavily fortified bulwark against inhuman tribes from the east. Controlled by Prince Ahmtur the Mighty.


Citadel of Dzagon
Citadel of Dzagon.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Landmark
Nicholas the Traveler Wilderness of Bahdza map.jpg
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The Citadel of Dzagon is the residence of one of the three Merchant Princes of Vabbi, Prince Ahmtur the Mighty. It lies directly adjacent to Dzagonur Bastion at the western edge of the Wilderness of Bahdza. Its powerful defenses includes three powerful bombards that repel Dzalana invaders.

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  • The Citadel of Dzagon is one of three landmarks denoted on the Elona World Map.
  • The Citadel also features prominently in the Dzagonur Bastion mission.

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