Fortress of Jahai

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Fortress of Jahai
Nightfall screenshot 5.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Kourna
Type Landmark
Fortress of Jahai map.jpg
Map to the Fortress of Jahai
from the Sunspear Sanctuary.

Officially called Jahaidara, this is the largest Kournan military outpost outside of Gandara at the mouth of the Elon. Morgahn's main base of operations.


The Fortress of Jahai, or Jahaidara, is in northern Kourna, on the edge of Jahai Bluffs and at the base of the Grand Cataract of Jahai. The Fortress of Jahai is located over the Elon river, bordering Vabbi. The doors to the fortress on either side are closed preventing access to and from Vabbi.

The fortress was built over the location of the Battle of Jahai, where Palawa Joko and his forces were defeated by Turai Ossa's troops.


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  • The fortress is located partially in Jahai Bluffs and Yatendi Canyons.
  • Past the closed doors in Yatendi Canyons, one can see a portal.
  • Fortress of Jahai is one of three landmarks denoted on the Elona World Map.

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