Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko

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Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko
Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko.jpg
Type Monument
Campaign Nightfall

This monument commemorates the defeat of Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai. After 100 days of bloody battle, Turai Ossa and his elite troops defeated Joko's undead forces of grey giants [sic] and undead centaurs. Yet, despite attempts made with magic, blade, and even darker means, Palawa Joko could not be killed. Turai Ossa's elite forces chained him by magic and bound him deep in the earth. Thus the undead lord's defeat was complete and Palawa Joko sealed away forever in a location kept secret by the Order of Whispers.

— The tablet near the monument

The Monument to the Defeat of Palawa Joko was erected to forever mark the location in Jahai Bluffs where Palawa Joko was entombed following his defeat at the hands of Turai Ossa. During the quest A Brief Introduction, the player learns that the Titan Saevio Proelium was imprisoned near the monument as well. The monument can be found very close to the entrance to the Command Post.


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  • Players must examine the monument during Crossing the Desolation.
  • When Jahai Bluffs is transformed into Nightfallen Jahai, the monument appears to have opened its mouth, and the red light is replaced by a brighter, yellow-green luminescence.
    The nightfallen monument.

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