Order of Whispers

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The Chantry of Secrets is the base of the Order of Whispers.
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Disambig icon.png This article is about the group. For the NPC, see Order of Whispers (NPC). For the inscribable gold rarity Shortbow, see Anniversary Shortbow "Whisper".

The Order of Whispers is a secretive ancient Elonian order. They were established by Turai Ossa as his elite secret intelligence gathering organization, and were put in charge of maintaining Palawa Joko's tomb.

Since their establishment, they have operated behind the scenes of the world's governments. Its members—often spies, thieves and agents—operate within every Tyria nation, working to keep the existence of beings such as demons and titans outside the knowledge of the populace. A century before Nightfall, they had interrogated and imprisoned Saevio Proelium, putting him near Joko.

They are led by the Master of Whispers, a title given to the spymaster, and their base of operations can be found in the Chantry of Secrets.


Specific Units Generic Units

Unknown 20 Adept of Whispers (Ravenheart Gloom)
Unknown 20 Armorsmith of Whispers
Unknown 20 Deacon of Whispers
Unknown 20 Keeper of Whispers
Unknown 20 Mureh
Unknown 20 Seeker of Whispers
Unknown 20 Source of Whispers
Unknown 20 Voice of Whispers
Unknown 20 Warden of Whispers (Chantry of Secrets)
Unknown 20 Warden of Whispers (The Kodash Bazaar)
Unknown 20 Whispers Crusader
Unknown 20 Witness Ahtok
Necromancer 18...20 Master of Whispers
Mesmer 20 Adept of Whispers (Stygian Veil)
Mesmer 20 Warden of Whispers (Ravenheart Gloom)

Unknown 20 Agent of Whispers
Unknown 20 Archivist of Whispers
Unknown 20 Guardian of Whispers
Unknown 20 Wandering Scribe
Unknown 20 Whispers Adept
Unknown 20 Whispers Informant
Warrior 20 Order of Whispers (NPC)
Warrior 20 Whispers Acolyte
Mesmer 20 Disciple of Secrets