Palawa Joko

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Palawa Joko
Palawa Joko.jpg
Affiliation Undead
Type Mummy (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 20, 24, 32
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North
Bonus Mission Pack
Palawa Joko concept art.jpg
Concept art by Doug Williams.

The undead lord of the Desolation, Palawa once controlled the valleys leading north out of Elona from his strategically positioned Bone Palace. Commanding hordes of undead followers raised from ancient tombs, he invaded Vabbi, intent on conquering it and using its riches to make him even more powerful. After he was defeated by the great Kournan hero, Turai Ossa, his body is said to have been imprisoned beneath a huge stone plinth. Many villainous individuals have attempted to commune with the spirit of the Scourge of Vabbi. As long as his history lives on, people will remember his name...and as the saying goes, history is still being written.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

General Palawa Joko, the Scourge of Vabbi, is an undead lich lord who once led his relentless Awakened army into Vabbi, crippling the then-province and staging from there his conquest of the entire continent, all but defeating the three provinces of Istan, Kourna and Vabbi. For two long years the people of Elona suffered under his reign, until the last bastion of hope for Elona, the great Kournan general Turai Ossa challenged him in one-on-one combat, far above the Battle of Jahai. Turai defeated Palawa Joko and sealed him beneath the sands of Elona, where he was kept in his place by the Order of Whispers.


Eye of the North


Prophecies or Nightfall
Bonus Mission Pack


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The Norn Fighting Tournament[edit]

The Battle of Jahai[edit]

15 Blood Magic

Scarred Psyche[edit]


"I'm impressed by your confidence on the battlefield. Had you have been on my side during the Battle of Jahai, perhaps history would tell a different tale."
Turai's Procession
"I'm getting too old for this...."



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