The Battle of Jahai

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The Battle of Jahai
The Battle of Jahai loading screen.jpg
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack
Given by Durmand
in Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center,
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Mini-mission
The Battle of Jahai map.jpg
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This is the story of Turai Ossa. This mission is entered through the storybook given by Durmand. Durmand is located in Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.

Mission information[edit]



  • Lead the mission to flank the enemy army.
  • Find the overlook where Palawa Joko is directing the battle.
  • Defeat Palawa Joko in single combat for the fate of Elona.


  • 500 Gold

Discovery Mode[edit]

1. Discovery - You found the strategic viewpoints Turai would have used to plan his assault on the undead lord.

  • Find the 5 points which overlook points of interest on the battlefield
  • Reward:
    • 2Platinum 500Gold
    • You've made a new discovery! See Durmand [Historian] for a reward.

2. Time Attack - You showed how swiftly Turai could have routed Palawa Joko's forces.

  • Complete the mission in 15 minutes or less
  • Reward:
    • 2Platinum 500Gold
    • You've made a new discovery! See Durmand [Historian] for a reward.

3. Slayer Bonus - You demonstrated the tactics Turai may have used to defeat Joko's elite bodyguards.

  • Defeat the 5 groups which spawn when you find each of the strategic viewpoints
  • Reward:
    • 2Platinum 500Gold
    • You've made a new discovery! See Durmand [Historian] for a reward.


Army of Turai Ossa

During this mission, you have the Turai Ossa disguise, 700 Health, 25 Energy, 2 Energy regeneration, 14 Swordsmanship, 11 Strength, 14 Tactics, and Sunspear rank 10.

"For Elona!".jpg
"For Elona!"
Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa).jpg
Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa)
Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa).jpg
Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)
Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa).jpg
Distracting Blow (Turai Ossa)
"For Great Justice!" (Turai Ossa).jpg
"For Great Justice!" (Turai Ossa)
Endure Pain (Turai Ossa).jpg
Endure Pain (Turai Ossa)
Healing Signet (Turai Ossa).jpg
Healing Signet (Turai Ossa)
Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa).jpg
Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)
  • Reserve Giant Stomp for wading into large groups of casters. The knock down effect is good for mass interrupts of spellcasters.
    • Carven Effigies will chew you up. Don't attack them unless Giant Stomp is recharged.
  • Spam "For Elona!" whenever it is available. It makes a difference.
  • Don't be afraid to use your Allies as fodder, when necessary. If Turai dies, you fail the mission. If you start to lose life, back off and use your Healing Signet, repeatedly if necessary.
  • Interrupts help a tremendous amount against Joko by both preventing his healing and preventing damage to yourself. If you cannot interrupt his skills, be sure to make liberal use of Healing Signet.
  • Against a small number of enemies, use "For Great Justice!" to repeatedly spam Dragon Slash.
  • Against larger groups of enemies, alternate Dragon Slash and Whirlwind Attack.

Locations of the five strategic points[edit]

The five points are marked on the map in the infobox:

  • After the first encounter with the enemy (battling 3 - 4 groups) the doors open up and there will be an overlook toward the battlefield with the charred remains of a building. A group of level 10 monsters along with level 28 bodyguards will be dispatched to that area.
  • After the second encounter there will be an overlook of catapults firing. A group of level 24 monsters along with level 28 bodyguards will be dispatched to that area.
  • There is a group of bodyguards that will arrive shortly after you arrive at the corsair camp.
  • Directly after the corsair camp there is an elevation with 3 Awakened Gray Giants. Upon that elevation it will trigger one of five viewpoints where Turai gains a strategic look at the battlefield. A group of level 28 monsters and bodyguards will be dispatched to that area.
  • When the Elite Kournan Trooper says that there is a large gorge with three groups, taking the eastern group (that is closest to the waterfall) will trigger one of five viewpoints where Turai gains a strategic look at the battlefield. A group of level 28 monsters and bodyguards will be dispatched to that area.


The battle below









Boss-like foes[edit]


Initial dialogue[edit]

Durmand: "But should Turai fail, then all of Kourna would fall."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

At the start:

Turai Ossa: "Palawa Joko and his army stand upon our doorstep. We are all that stands between Kourna and oblivion."
Turai Ossa: "The lands of our Vabbian friends to the north smolder in the wake of this beast."
Turai Ossa: "Today we draw a line at the base of these cliffs. You will hold that line. Do this for Vabbi. Do this for Kourna. Do this for Istan."
Turai Ossa: "FOR ELONA!"
All Followers: "FOR ELONA!"
Turai Ossa: "Commander, give the marching orders once we reach the first ridge. Flanking force, move out!"

At the first ridge:

Elite Kournan Trooper: "Warmarshal, look below us! Our forces head into battle!"

At the second ridge:

Elite Kournan Trooper: "In the name of the gods... Warmarshal, the battle has been joined upon the fields below!"
Turai Ossa: "We haven't much time. We must find Palawa Joko before our forces are overwhelmed."

Arrival at the corsair encampment:

Elite Kournan Trooper: "Warmarshal, a corsair encampment lies ahead."
Elite Kournan Trooper: "I believe they may be mercenaries hired by Palawa Joko. How do you wish to proceed?"

At the gorge near the center:

Elite Kournan Trooper: "Warmarshal! We're approaching a large gorge. Three bridges cross to the other side of the canyon."
Elite Kournan Trooper: "All three bridges are heavily defended. How do you wish to proceed?"

At the last overlook:

Elite Kournan Trooper: "Warmarshal, Palawa Joko has been spotted ahead!"
Turai Ossa: "You have done enough. I will deal with Palawa Joko myself."

Confrontation with Palawa Joko:

Palawa Joko: "Pathetic mortal. The rabble you call an army is on the verge of collapse!"
Turai Ossa: "This from a coward who hides behind his army to avoid battle? Back up your words, Joko. Show me your supposed power!"
Palawa Joko: "If death is your wish, I shall gladly grant it."

Ending narration[edit]

"Turai Ossa cast Palawa Joko down."
"And with Joko's fall, his undead armies were routed."
"But though defeated, the undead lord could not be slain."
"So Turai Ossa entombed Joko where none would disturb him."
"Trapped in darkness, Palawa Joko cursed his prison and his captors."
"And most of all, he cursed his defeat at the hands of Turai Ossa, the Champion of Elona."


  • This mission is started by opening Turai's Story and clicking the "Enter Mission" button in the book. It takes place around 200 years before current game time in the mountain range where the Fortress of Jahai currently stands.
  • Adding mods to Turai's Sword and Turai's Shield does not affect your stats while you are in the mission.
  • After successfully completing this mission or its discovery modes, talk to Durmand to receive an authorized Turai's Story, which can be given to the Archivist of Whispers in exchange for Undead weapons.
  • Your followers do not permanently die. They will revive a short while after there are no enemies in their aggro range.
  • Unlike other Bonus Pack Missions, discoveries (except the viewpoints) will not immediately be recorded.
Bug Bug.If you do this mission with a female character and play an emote with gender-specific text, it will ignore that you are playing as Turai Osssa and still use the female form "she/her" instead of "he/him".


  • This mission contains many references to the graphic novel and movie 300. The person in the image for the skill "For Elona!" looks similar to Leonidas, the main protagonist of 300. Additionally, the style of the final cinematic in the mission is similar to some of the fight scenes from 300, slowing down at critical, intense moments during the fight.