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Disambig icon.png KC redirects here. For the region, see Kaineng City.
Kaineng Center
Kaineng Center.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Type Port
Party size 8
Exit(s) Bejunkan Pier
Bukdek Byway
Raisu Pavilion
Kaineng Center world map.jpg
On the world map
Kaineng Center inside.jpg
A view inside
Xunlai headquarters
Decorated during Anniversary Celebration and Dragon Festival

This area of Cantha's sprawling northern metropolis is also sometimes called "Old Kaineng" and is usually among the first stops of visitors to the Empire of the Dragon. Before the Jade Wind, the place now called Kaineng Center actually comprised most of Kaineng City, but the ensuing population explosion as citizens fled the affected regions led to an equal expansion of metropolitan boundaries. The central district's new, official moniker was approved by imperial decree in 1408 CC.

— in-game description

Kaineng Center is the port town, economic hub and administrative center of the sprawling city of Kaineng on the northwestern coast of Cantha. The local architecture indicates what Kaineng City might have appeared before the advent of unchecked urban sprawl.

This area functions as a lobby for organizing parties.

Getting there[edit]

Factions characters will need to exit from the Marketplace and follow the western coastline north across Bukdek Byway. The first primary quest that will lead through this location is City Under Attack, which is actually halfway through the storyline, so it's best if characters make their own way to Kaineng Center after getting to the Marketplace.

Characters from other campaigns will arrive at Bejunkan Pier, just outside Kaineng Center to the northwest. Prophecies characters must talk to Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch after completing the Mhenlo's Request quest. Nightfall characters must talk to Funwa Shento in Kamadan after completing the Time is Nigh quest.

It is possible to make the entire run from the Marketplace without doing any fighting. There is one group of Afflicted toward the end of the run, but they will be engaged in killing guards when you encounter them, giving you plenty of time to run past, provided that you are in Normal Mode.


Quests available[edit]




(all level 20)
Merchants and traders[edit]
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  • There is a lounging cat and a perpetually moving rocking chair next to Guardsman Chienpo and Xue Yi.
  • There is a large area to be explored on the far west side of the city. To access this area, head to the armorers and you will see a passageway that leads out or down the stairs next to the Xunlai chests further north.
  • The run to Kaineng Center from the Marketplace is a popular scam, since it can be done without entering combat by any character.
  • There is a ledge in town that can only be accessed from the Divine Path.
  • If you look at the rune trader from the top of the stairs next to him then go to your left there is a hole in the corner where your entire character can fit.
  • To the south of the city is an open gate that leads down a path to the closed gate of a store room - the Xunlai headquarters.


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