Seek out Brother Tosai

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Seek out Brother Tosai
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Bujo or Ke Feng / Senjo Wah
in Kaineng Center or The Undercity
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by The Search for a Cure
Followed by Refuse to Drink or
Drink from the Chalice of Corruption
Type Secondary quest

This quest is a part of a secondary quest line, and is good for getting extra experience. The basis for this quest is to continue the undercover investigation you are asked to do on behalf of the Emperor. The plague referred to earlier in the game time-line by Master Togo plays a background part to this quest, in that you get the chance to experience the plague first hand.

Quest information[edit]



Environmental changes[edit]


Just speak with Brother Tosai. You can find him near the entrance to The Undercity surrounded by legions of Am Fah.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Bujo, Ke Feng or Senjo Wah

"These weaklings who bow to their simpering emperor all fear the plague. Idiots, every one of them! This...sickness is a gift from the gods! Only those who are truly strong may thrive in its loving embrace. If you would become such a person and a true member of the Am Fah, you should seek out Brother Tosai."
"Have you the strength to look death in the eye?"
Yes Accept: "I have the strength."
No Decline: "My eyesight is poor. I think I'll skip this."
Ask Ask: "If you are no coward, go speak with Brother Tosai. You will find him near the entrance to the Undercity."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Brother Tosai

"Bujo has sent you, you say? You must have impressed him... If you are indeed worthy of joining our ranks and gaining immeasurable strength, you must take the Chalice of Corruption and drink deeply of its bounty."


  • If you take the Refuse to Drink quest that follows, you will immediately be attacked by the Am Fah there, and Brother Tosai.
Bug Bug.Sometimes this quest does not show in the quest log.