Street Justice

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Street Justice
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Emperor's Hand
in Raisu Pavilion
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Naga Oil
Type Secondary quest
Street Justice map.jpg
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Kill the five Naga Oil salesmen that are scamming the citizens of Kaineng.

Quest information[edit]


  • Bring justice to all the unscrupulous peddlers.
  • You have eliminated [0...5] of the 5 peddlers.
  • See Emperor's Hand for your reward.



Enter Wajjun Bazaar from the Marketplace and head west along the waterfront, dispensing the small groups of Jade Brotherhood you meet along the way. When approaching a peddler, four Am Fah Assassins will spawn. The peddlers themselves will not attack. Defeat Rai Kazu, then turn south and defeat Doctor Jung immediately afterward. Follow the quest marker southeast to Xang, and south again to Pe Ling. Follow the path to the west, which will then lead you southeast to Naiju.

Once all five peddlers and their summoned assassins are defeated, return to Emperor's Hand for your reward.



Humans (Canthans)

Humans (Am Fah)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Hand

"As the Emperor's Hand, it is my duty to dispense his justice. Under normal circumstances, we would have these fraudulent peddlers arrested and processed, but with all of the ministry's procedures and protocols, that could take months. And besides, with the Minister of Flame's involvement, I suspect these scum would be back on the streets in no time. These are desperate times and require desperate measures...I hereby give you imperial authority to end the peddlers' activities by any means necessary."
Yes Accept: "You can count on me."
No Decline: "I'll let the Celestial Ministry handle it."
Ask Ask: "You have imperial authority to see to it that those dishonest peddlers cease their illegal activities immediately."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Rai Kazu Remedies and Potions: "They are here! The ones we were warned about!"
Doctor Jung's Remedies and Potions: "Protect me!"
Xang's Remedies and Potions: "I warn you, I have people protecting me...important people!"
Pe Ling's Remedies and Potions: "Kill them! Before they kill me!"
Naiju's Remedies and Potions: "Ha! We knew you were coming, and we have help!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Hand

"The empire is in your debt. I will tell Emperor Kisu of your involvement in this action."


  • The Am Fah are level 26 in hard mode, while the peddlers are level 20 as usual since they are allied before approaching them.
  • This quest goes well with Closer to the Stars as the last peddler is close to Loud Kou, the NPC needed to finish that quest.
  • Leaving the area restarts the quest.