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The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood are in a state of constant cold warfare, which sometimes spills out into the streets, along with a lot of blood. For hundreds of years, neither has been able to topple the other, and out of necessity the rivals have been known to cooperate during the occasional crackdowns on their activities. Were one gang or the other ever to gain the upper hand, the resulting trade monopoly could conceivably lead to a coup against the throne, so the emperor's personal agents help ensure that never happens.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

The Am Fah are a gang of notorious villains who attack travelers at will around the Kaineng City. They are sworn enemies of the Jade Brotherhood. The Am Fah ranks consists mainly of rangers, monks, necromancers and assassins. Only Am Fah bosses may appear having other professions. There are four notorious members of the Am Fah: Chan the Dragon's Blood, Lou, of the Knives, Mina Shatter Storm, and Meynsang the Sadistic.

The Am Fah's guild hall is located in the Undercity. The leader of the Am Fah is still unknown.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

A masked Am Fah Necromancer.
Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Kaineng City

Ranger 24 (30) Am Fah Elite
Ranger 20 (26) Am Fah Marksman
Ranger 10 (24) Am Fah Recruit1
Monk 20 (26) Am Fah Healer
NecromancerMesmer 24 (30) Am Fah Elite1
Necromancer 20 (26) Am Fah Necromancer
Elementalist 24 (30) Am Fah Elite1
Assassin 20 (26) Am Fah Assassin
Assassin 20 (26) Am Fah Bandit1
Assassin 10 (24) Am Fah Recruit1

Plague Idol

Guild Wars Beyond
Kaineng City

WarriorAssassin 24 (26) Am Fah Warrior
RangerElementalist 24 (26) Am Fah Ranger
MonkWarrior 24 (26) Am Fah Monk
NecromancerMonk 24 (26) Am Fah Necromancer
MesmerRanger 24 (26) Am Fah Mesmer
ElementalistMesmer 24 (26) Am Fah Elementalist
AssassinMesmer 24 (26) Am Fah Assassin
RitualistMesmer 24 (26) Am Fah Ritualist

Plague Idol

  1. Only appears during quests.



Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Am Fah.
  • The Am Fah's banner depicts two axes and resembles the insignias of the Axe Gang, a fictional group that has appeared in numerous Hong Kong martial arts films.
  • Zenmai was originally a member of this group; she is also the only female Am Fah member to have been seen in the game.
  • Daisuke Crimson Edge can be an ally during the The Final Confrontation if the player completes Zenmai's optional quest Redemption for the Lost.