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Guild Wars Beyond is a series of storylines and events in Guild Wars that helps set the stage for Guild Wars 2, which takes place 250 years in the future. Guild Wars Beyond begins with War in Kryta, then Hearts of the North, and continues with Winds of Change.

Current elements[edit]

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Prophecies, Factions, and Beyond.

War in Kryta[edit]

Main article: War in Kryta

With their false gods revealed and their leader dead, the White Mantle struggles to keep control over an increasingly dissenting Kryta, resorting to hiring mercenaries and imposing strict and unreasonable laws. Among the unrest, the Shining Blade gains support for its cause to place Salma on the throne and reaches out to the Ebon Vanguard for support in its fight.

Hearts of the North[edit]

Main article: Hearts of the North

In the aftermath of the war in Kryta, Keiran Thackeray is missing in action. Gwen orders an immediate search for him, and various clues trigger the Scrying Pool to reveal the events leading to his disappearance and ultimately reunite him with Gwen.

Winds of Change[edit]

Main article: Winds of Change

After Shiro Tagachi's death, the Ministry of Purity works to remove the threat the remaining Afflicted pose to the citizens of Cantha. Many hopefuls rally to their cause attempting to enact change through action, where they believe the emperor and his Imperial Guard have failed. Others are fearful of the consequences of the Ministry's actions and the ever-increasing scope of Minister Reiko's vision for perfection.

Cancelled ideas[edit]

Before ArenaNet announced that they will no longer release any new content,[1] they discussed the following ideas related to Guild Wars Beyond:

  • After Winds of Change, there were going to be "things people are going to be surprised by" that the Live Team would not discuss.[2]
  • There were going to be Lunatic Court quests, unrelated to Keiran's return or Winds of Change. Their attempts to free Mad King Thorn, as well as other activities during Halloween 2010 have attracted the attention of "someone else" looking to return to Tyria. The Nameless Lich was thought to have played some part in this.[3]
  • As part of the Elona chapter of Beyond, ANet planned to expand on the story of Palawa Joko's rise to power and the remnants of the Margonites after the events of Nightfall.[4][5][6]
  • Another story idea included the disappearance of Evennia, last seen in Old Ascalon during the Krytan civil war.[7]


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