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The Game of the Year Upgrade gives the purchaser's account access to seven pieces of equipment and one summoning stone. While both the Game of the Year and the 1 Million Edition Upgrade include the exact same in-game content, the boxed version of "One Million Edition" adds a double-sided poster, a soundtrack CD, and a printed "Manuscripts" but does not include the various NCSoft trial codes found in the "Game of the Year Edition". This item can be purchased through Guild Wars Online Store and be applied to upgrade Guild Wars Prophecies into Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition.

Upgrade your existing Prophecies campaign to the Game of the Year Edition. This will unlock the following Game of the Year bonus items on your account:

Note: After you log into the game type "/bonus" in the chat window to have the bonus weapons and Igneous Summoning Stone that summons the Fire Imp added to your inventory.

— in-game description

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