Fire Imp (summon)

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Fire Imp
Fire Imp.jpg
Affiliation Summoned creatures
Type Imp
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 1...20
Campaign Core

The Fire Imp is a Fire Elementalist, which can be summoned using a Mysterious Summoning Stone (randomly) or an Igneous Summoning Stone (by characters who are not yet level 20).


14 Fire Magic, 9 Energy Storage at level 20


Level 1-19[edit]

  • Makes an efficient ally for low level characters.
  • Good damage and good pressure against lower level foes.
  • Has a self-healing skill.
  • Does not rely on enchantments and needs no energy management.
  • Small skill bar.
  • Lacks an overcast spell for the conditional effect of Flare.
  • Unlike foe versions this imp cannot inflict burning.
  • Spells require a line of sight to the target.

Level 20[edit]

  • Has a self healing skill.
  • Small skill bar.
  • Lacks an elite skill.
  • Unlike foe versions, lacks skill to inflict burning condition.
  • Lacks an overcast spell for the conditional effect of Flare.
  • Low damage output.


  • The level of the summons will be the same as the summoner's actual level (it will not be increased by Journey to the North or Sunspear Battle Call). The imp gains experience along with the summoner and can level up in explorable areas (however, it levels at a faster rate than the character).
  • The Fire Imp will not be targeted by many entities that target the character, such as Swamp Water.
  • The Fire Imp grows in size as it levels up.
  • The Fire Imp is extremely useful in pre-Searing, because players are below level 20 most of the time and the party size is limited to 2 members with few other allies. The Fire Imp is also able to tank there much better than any character due to its superior armor rating and access to an efficient auto-healing skill in the form of Glyph of Restoration.


  • Before an update, the imp would stay behind if its summoner left the map. Now the imp disappears when this occurs.

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