Oni (summon)

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Affiliation Summoned creatures
Type Demon
Profession Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 1..20
Campaign Factions

The Oni is an assassin, which can be summoned using a Demonic Summoning Stone or a Mysterious Summoning Stone.



  • Can inflict bleeding condition.
  • Can shadow step to foes and snare them with Dark Prison.
  • Has 2 self-healing skills.
  • Prefers to use Jagged Strike over its other attacks, rendering Horns of the Ox useless.
  • Demonic Agility's use is hampered by Jagged Strike, since Double strike does not apply to attack skills.
  • Lacks an elite skill.



  • An Oni is a monster from Japanese folklore. The term is often translated as "ogre" or "demon".

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