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Concept art by Daniel Dociu.

Outside the world we know, other dimensions exist, realms beyond what we can see and experience. Civilized humans know that when they die, their souls pass on into the Mists, the realm of the afterlife. Some spirits linger in this world, or find ways to walk back into the realm of flesh...yet there are other creatures who watch them and wait, drawn to the energy of countless souls.

Sometimes souls are not enough. In dimensions alien to the physical world, sentient entities scheme of ways to enter the realm of flesh, dreaming of the havoc they can wreak. Just as ghosts can defy death by returning to the land of the living, demons find ways into our world, where they feast on suffering, despair, and the vital energy of intelligent creatures.

Demons are more than creatures of the Mists—they are made from the Mists themselves, bits of etheric matter that have gained malignant sentience and power. Whether they appear as monstrous humanoids, bestial abominations, or radically inhuman horrors, they share many of the same aspirations: the strong consume or dominate the weak, reveling in their feasts and victimization. As they are not native to the real world, demons hold an abiding hatred of its denizens. They are also ruthlessly intelligent, more than willing to enter into arrangements that allow them to routinely prey on humans and other foolish living creatures.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

Demons are malicious creatures born from shards of existence within the Mists that have turned corrupted by strong malignant forces. They are known to be bred through large demons such as the Dreadspawn Maw. The Stygian Veil and the Spawning Pools are the only known birthplace of demons, and the former is the strongest one known to the Forgotten. A large number of demons are known to have made an alliance with Dhuum, Abaddon, and Menzies.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Affiliation Name Trophy
The Underworld,
Depths of Tyria
(only during Wintersday quests)
Wintersday Unknown 15 Grandiose Grentch
Unknown 15 Hungry Grentch
Unknown 15 Sacrificial Grentch
Unknown 15 Sneaky Grentch
Unknown 15 Tricky Grentch
Warrior 15 Speedy Grentch
Ranger 15 Hasty Grentch
Monk 15 Frozen Grentch
Necromancer 15 Grentch
Mesmer 15 Flashy Grentch
Elementalist 15 Icy Grentch
Assassin 15 Dodgy Grentch
Ritualist 15 Troublesome Grentch
Paragon 15 Veracious Grentch
Dervish 15 Shifty Grentch
Candy Cane Shard
Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm1
Guild Wars Prophecies
Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings Unknown (torment creatures)2 Warrior 28 (30) Grasp of Insanity
Mesmer 24 (26) Scythe of Chaos
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Shing Jea wildlife (Nightmare Horde)2 Assassin 9 (23) Lesser Oni Oni Talon
Assassin 16 (25) Oni Oni Claw
Echovald Forest Echovald Forest wildlife (Nightmare Horde)2 Assassin 28 (30) Oni Keen Oni Claw
The Jade Sea Jade Sea wildlife (Nightmare Horde)2 Assassin 28 (30) Oni Keen Oni Talon
Assassin 24 (26) Shadow of Kanaxai N/A
The Deep The Deep (Nightmare Horde)2 Unknown 28 (30) Kanaxai Aspect
Assassin 24 (24) Oni of the Deep
Guild Wars Nightfall
Istan Unknown (torment creatures)2, 3 Warrior 12, 14 (20) Grasp of Chaos N/A
The Desolation,
Realm of Torment
Margonites Warrior 24 (26) Margonite Executioner
Ranger 24 (26) Margonite Bowmaster
Monk 24 (26) Margonite Cleric
Necromancer 24 (26) Margonite Warlock
Mesmer 24 (26) Margonite Seer
Elementalist 24 (26) Margonite Sorcerer
Paragon 24 (26) Margonite Ascendant
Dervish 24 (26) Margonite Reaper
Margonite Mask
The Desolation,
Realm of Torment
Margonites Monk 28 (30) Margonite High Priest4
Paragon 28 (30) Margonite Patriarch4
Torment creatures Unknown 24 (26) Torment Claw
Warrior 28 (30) Blade of Corruption
Ranger 28 (30) Arm of Insanity
Monk 28 (30) Word of Madness
Necromancer 28 (30) Shadow of Fear
Mesmer 28 (30) Herald of Nightmares
Elementalist 28 (30) Rain of Terror
Paragon 28 (30) Spear of Torment
Dervish 28 (30) Scythe of Chaos
Demonic Relic
Realm of Torment Unknown (torment creatures)2, 3 Warrior 28 (30) Grasp of Insanity
Mesmer 24 (26) Scythe of Chaos
Elementalist 28 (30) Wrathful Storm
Domain of Anguish Domain of Anguish (Margonites)2 Warrior 28 (30) Margonite Anur Vu
Ranger 28 (30) Margonite Anur Mank
Ranger 28 (30) Margonite Anur Tuk
Monk 28 (30) Margonite Anur Ki
Necromancer 28 (30) Margonite Anur Dabi
Mesmer 28 (30) Margonite Anur Kaya
Elementalist 28 (30) Margonite Anur Su
Paragon 28 (30) Margonite Anur Rund
Dervish 28 (30) Margonite Anur Ruk
Margonite Gemstone
Domain of Anguish (Stygians)2 Warrior 28 (30) Stygian Brute
Warrior 28 (30) Stygian Horror
Ranger 28 (30) Stygian Fiend
Necromancer 28 (30) Stygian Hunger
Dervish 28 (30) Stygian Golem
Stygian Gemstone
Domain of Anguish (Torment creatures)2 Warrior 28 (30) Flesh Tormentor
Ranger 28 (30) Spirit Tormentor
Monk 28 (30) Heart Tormentor
Necromancer 28 (30) Soul Tormentor
Mesmer 28 (30) Mind Tormentor
Elementalist 28 (30) Water Tormentor
Paragon 28 (30) Sanity Tormentor
Dervish 28 (30) Earth Tormentor
Torment Gemstone
  1. Only in the Underworld. Not to be confused with Glob of Ectoplasm.
  2. Affiliation / army from a game mechanics perspective is listed first. Affiliation from a lore perspective is parenthesized after.
  3. Unlike most Nightfall demons, these monsters are not subject to Lightbringer's Gaze.
  4. In the Desolation, Margonite High Priests and Margonite Patriarchs are only encountered during A Deal's a Deal.

Note: Hard mode levels are in parentheses.



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